The Art of Guided Masturbation with Goddess Faith – Part 2

During guided masturbation, the new levels of arousal are not only explored but are visited several times without ejaculating. This means that a man can masturbate and instead of “cumming” as they usually do when the urge hits them, they fight through the temptation and hold it.

When You Don’t Get To Decide When the Orgasm Happens 

The idea of holding their cum can be very intimidating for some men. They are under the assumption that their cock will not be able to resist the temptation and cum without warning, but this is not true. There are simple techniques, such as not stroking, that can eliminate the chance of cumming too soon as with solo masturbation. Since a woman will be in control, a man will be able to strengthen his ability to prolong ejaculation.

He should never assume that he will be able to release as easily as he has in the past. Instead, he should know and fully understand that every step of his masturbating will be decided for him. Everything from the application of a lubricant, the exact hand position, the stroking pace, and the exact moment of release will be up to the person in charge…me. Being in control of your orgasm is one of my greatest pleasures. Nothing turns me on more than controlling you.

This is why it is very important to have someone who is very experienced and enjoys providing masturbation guidance. Just because masturbating was originally designed to be enjoyed alone, why should you. There are women who find pleasure in guiding a man to the highest level of sexual elation. It is very erotic being able to listening to a man climax as he strokes, then abruptly making him stop right before he is about to release.

Hearing him moan and beg for permission to continue stroking becomes music to my ears.

Through guided masturbation, a different type of sexual relationship is formed. There’s the man who may have never discovered the joys of resisting the temptations of his cock. Then there’s the woman who already understands that all good things cum to those who wait. The combination of the two leads to a discovery of a sexual universe that is often left uninhabited. That world is now ours to explore, the sky is the limit.

Guided masturbation is for those men who are turned on by the natural tease and denial of women. They are ready to momentarily give up complete control of their cocks. It takes a real man to be able to let a woman have her way with his cock. Do you have what it takes to hand over control to me? Are you man enough?

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Thank you for reading my sexy diary!

Kisses and Licks! 



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  1. tripx713 June 26, 2020 at 9:52 am

    Loving this … because my wife holds the permission for my release…9 days and blissfully counting


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