The Art of Guided Masturbation with Goddess Faith – Part 1

Masturbation. It is the art of providing sexual gratification to one’s self. Since the beginning of time humans, especially men, have received some of their most intense orgasms while masturbating. It starts at a very young age and over time masturbation becomes part of some men’s regular routine. They start understanding their sexual pleasures and desires. Then, through the art of masturbating, attempt to escape reality for a moment to discover a new sexual paradise. That’s where I come in. I can help you reach levels of masturbation pleasure that you never thought possible.

Masturbating can be enjoyed by everyone because anyone can do it. Most men masturbate in private to eliminate the embarrassment of reaching their sexual peak alone. While there are no set rules for masturbating, we can agree that the excitement of an orgasm is better experienced in the presence of another person. Masturbating together develops a feeling of having actual sexual contact with each other.

This feeling is 10 times greater when you are guided through your masturbation under the supervision of a woman who enjoys directing the art of masturbating. Enter Faith.

Guided masturbation is always erotic and never the same. It challenges men’s sexual agility to be pleasing, which is not experienced while masturbating alone. Providing sexual gratification to one’s self under the guidance of a beautiful woman takes away the possibility of sex ever becoming boring. Every guided masturbation session becomes as intense as the first because just as a man begins to think they know what to expect, everything changes, and they are left several strokes away from an orgasm like no other…

Guided Masturbation = Relinquishing Control

Guide masturbation requires a person to momentarily give up control and allow another person to determine their sexual path. While being guided to provide sexual arousal to themselves, a man lets down his guard and opens his mind and body to be able to receive every masturbation instruction clearly. Since a woman is now in charge of his stroking, and being able to “cum”, men must be fully attentive during their time of weakness. The challenge of following the guided instructions and fighting the urge to climax allows men to reach new levels of “arousal”.

There is also a level of vulnerability during guided masturbation that is pleasing to both men and women. For men, knowing that the simple task of masturbating only at the request of a woman becomes a sexual game to please her. For women, being able to control a man’s orgasm is a treat in itself. And that’s why I love it so much. Controlling your cock is one of my favorite past times.

Everyone knows that men ejaculate easier and faster than women so being able to delay and deny that process from happening so quickly gives women great pleasure. While masturbating alone, men usually ignore the fact that there are other levels of arousal that can be explored while masturbating and simply ejaculate, sometimes without warning.

To Be Continued…

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