Tentacles Are a Girl’s Best Friend Part 2 – STE – A – 0003 – 05-08-23


Hey guys! Thanks for reading the first part of my sexy tentacle breeding dream, hehe. If you haven’t, or you just need a refresher, check it out here in Part 1. I hope you’re ready for more, because it only gets hotter from here!


The tentacle monster obliged, finally penetrating me. It was slow at first, teasing my hole like it wasn’t actually going to go inside. But then it did, shoving into me deep and making me gasp and whine. It reached so deep inside me, wiggling and feeling against my inner walls. It fit perfectly, like my body was made to take that tentacle. God, it was better than any dick I had ever had in my life.


The tentacles holding my wrists moved them above my head. I was still totally helpless against whatever creature was doing this to me, but that just made it more exhilarating.


I wanted to be fucked by this thing so bad I couldn’t stand it.


Wanting to show that, I moaned and grinded my hips upwards, needing to feel more of the tentacle inside me. Two more tentacles started to crawl up my body and pushed under my shirt. They began to tease my nipples, pulling and twisting them. More tentacles even wrapped around my breasts and squeezed them while still teasing me. It was enough to drive me crazy!


The tentacles kept teasing and fucking me. I felt like I would lose my mind, it felt so amazing! I couldn’t believe how good it felt, especially considering I didn’t even know what exactly was doing this to me. But I didn’t care. I didn’t want it to stop.


Another tentacle shoved itself inside my pussy. The two inside me kept fucking me deep, making me moan and squirm and whine. I was in absolute fucking Heaven. Suddenly, I was lifted off the bed, the tentacles holding me up. Yet another tentacle appeared to toy with me, this one pushing between my ass cheeks and wasting no time shoving itself into my tight little asshole. I gasped, writhing in the monster’s hold. It was too much stimulation all at once, but I so desperately wanted it to keep going.


I could feel my own juices running down my thighs as each tentacle kept fucking me.


Feeling that I was close to climax, I kept moaning, kept trying everything I could to get those tentacles deeper inside me. It was hard to move on my own though, the monster holding me in a tight grip as it fucked both of my holes. One of the tentacles that had been squeezing my tits moved to my face and forced itself into my mouth. It reached down my throat, making me choke and gag. It was so slimy and wet, and it had a strange but pleasant smell. Tears were starting to form in my eyes as I choked but the monster kept going. It fucked my throat the same way it fucked my pussy and ass.


And then, out of nowhere, I felt something hot and wet and thick explode inside of me. The tentacle monster was breeding me! It filled up my pussy, my ass, and even in my mouth.


It came inside me, so much that it spilled out of my holes and was all over my thighs and face.


Its juices dripped down onto the bed below me. I was gasping and panting as the tentacle in my mouth removed itself. The others slid out of me after that, and I was laid back down on my bed in the mess of monster cum that covered my sheets. The tentacles retracted back beneath my bed, and shortly after that I woke up. I had been so turned on in my sleep that I was totally wet when I woke up!


I just love to think back on that dream when I’m feeling especially dirty. It still gets me going!


Thanks so much for cumming along and reading all about my hot tentacle dream! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you want to experience this blog with way more dirty details you can purchase my audio and have it read to you in my sexy voice!


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