Tentacles Are a Girl’s Best Friend – STE – A – 0003 – 05-08-23


I have always had this totally wild fantasy involving tentacles. I know, that probably sounds insane already, right? But hear me out. Having this sentient appendage that just slides over your body, touching you and feeling every inch of you, exploring you like your body is some kind of foreign planet for it to discover…isn’t that just so hot? Well, I totally think it is, and I’m going to tell you all about this super sexy dream I had where I got fucked and bred by a huge tentacle monster!


In my dream, it was a peaceful night and I was at home relaxing. I had on a movie and some popcorn, really just enjoying the evening. After the movie ended I went to bed, snuggled up in my comfiest pajamas, which just happened to be a tank top and some soft shorts. I was all cozy under the sheets and had just started to drift off when I felt something on my leg that made me jolt awake. I hate it when something unfamiliar touches any part of me, especially while I’m trying to sleep. At first I thought it was a bug or something, so I ripped the sheets off and prepared for some unidentifiable spider, but to my surprise it wasn’t a bug at all.


There was a single tentacle reaching up my leg from the bottom of the bed.


It was long and felt cool and a little wet on my skin. It wasn’t unpleasant by any means, but it was definitely not normal. Another tentacle reached up from the bottom of the bed. It stretched up the mattress towards me. I could feel it as it slid over my feet and coiled around my other leg. Now both legs were wrapped up in strange tentacles! And then a third appeared from the same mysterious place at the end of my bed. This one slithered its way straight between my legs. The two tentacles holding my legs began to pull them apart, making way for the other one to come right up and rub against my crotch.


I was shocked, but totally aroused at the same time.


Something like this had obviously never happened to me before, but fuck if it wasn’t a turn on. I didn’t even fight it at first, unable to help myself when I felt that tentacle rubbing me through my clothes. More tentacles reached up from beneath the bed, these on the sides this time. They snatched me by both wrists and yanked me back down onto the bed.


Flat on my back and now bound, I was completely at the mercy of this strange creature’s desire for flesh. But I didn’t care at all. I was so turned on that I even spread my legs more all on my own. The tentacle slipped inside my shorts and I could feel it finding its way inside my panties. It rubbed against my clit like it knew exactly what it was doing. I shivered with excitement and trepidation at the thought of that tentacle finally pushing inside of me. It was thin at the tip, but then became much thicker. The full width of it would be more than any cock I’d ever taken, and I wanted to feel it so badly.


I moaned and tried to move my hips a little so I could feel the tentacle more. It pressed flat against my pussy as it continued rubbing my clit, teasing me exactly the way I wanted it to. Whatever these tentacles belonged to had to know what I was thinking or something. The way it responded to my body was pure fucking bliss. It rubbed me more, the tip teasing me until I could hardly stand it anymore. I found myself begging please, please, whispering my plea to my empty bedroom.


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