The Temporary Sexatary the fictional story of Jewel Lacey Part 2

He runs his fingers to the deepness of my panties and slides his fingers over them. Causing a rather hot and moist heat to run through me sending shock waves to my very core. Making me moan and slide my hands over his…”Please stop” I tell him. Because we are in your office with an unlocked door. Windows bear where anyone can see. He says I can fix that Ms. Lacey, gets to his feet walks to the door and locks it, walks to the windows and releases the blinds as they fall he comes back to me, takes my hands and very gently pulls me off the table. Because of course, we don’t want to get cum on his very expensive desk.

Once there he placed his hands on either side of me. I look into his gorgeous brown eyes and wonder what he is thinking.

I don’t have to wonder for long however as he slides his hands on my legs. He opens them and sits back into his chair. Pulls my panties to the sides and starts to lick the soft moist flesh, the touch of his mouth could only be described as hot liquid lava radiating through my center. The moan that slips from my lips is a soft deep from the back of my throat moan. I can’t believe I am having sex with him on his desk. However, I can’t believe that I want him to take me again and again.

Mr. Smith must have a lot of experience with women to create that kind of reaction I think to myself.

When he stands, I move my hands over his belt. Loosening the buckle and unzipping his pants. I rub my hand against his hard erection and slide his cock from its restraint. I have to pull his boxers down however because his cock is rather hard. Sliding my hand over it I rub the length of his shaft, sliding my mouth down on the big mushroom head I cup his balls with my other hand and listen to him moan as I make the somewhat soft shaft a hard erection which I am finding out that I like. However, all I know is I want to take it deep in my mouth. In and out of my mouth as he watches tasting his hardness. I slowly become aware of the fact that I am wishing this strong seductive man would take me and make me his.

I look up at him looking down at me and I hear him say out loud, you are one hell of a Temporary Sexatary. and I hear myself ask to be taken.

Mr. Smith lifts me off the desk because he cant lay me down on the desk. and places me on the leather couch in his office. After helping me out of my skirt and blouse, bra and panties he lays me beneath his hard well-defined body and after placing on a condom he slowly slips his cock deep into my wet folds. He feels so good. I don’t ask him to stop because I like it so much. The movement sends heat through my body.

He leans his head down and takes my bottom lip in his mouth and my mouth opens granting his tongue access to my mouth and my tongue.

The contact sends me into almost instant orgasm. Making his cock grow even harder. As he pumps in and out of me. Our pleasure and heightened need becoming one. I feel him explode. Ms. Lacey. Ms. Lacey, That will be all’ Mr. Smith says. You may go.’ I am not sure what has you looking so flushed Ms. Lacey because I assure you that I have never played with my sexatary before on my desk.
I look around and realize that I am still sitting in the chair across from his desk in his office.
I get up to leave and go back outside of his office. Still moist from the daydream. I wonder what it would be like to be taken by him. That is not going to happen however I think to myself as I type up the letter, in reality, all I am is his temporary sexatary.

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