The Temporary Sexatary the fictional story of Jewel Lacey part 1

As I walked into Mr. Smith’s office I realized no one was there.

Walking back out of the office I see Stella, an older secretary sitting across from Mr. Johnson’s office.” Excuse me” I say. “Do you know where Mr. Smith has gone?” Surprisingly she looks up at me taking in my short gray skirt, my white ruffled down the middle top and my grey 3-inch stiletto heels, and says “no” and goes back to her typing.

“Well that’s great,” I think to myself. ” How do I work for a man who isn’t even here?

All of a sudden around the corner comes Mr tall dark and HOT!

He was wearing what could be described as a very expensive well-tailored suit and looked like he has stepped out of a GQ magazine. “holy smoke” I think to myself and realize when everyone looks my way that I have said it out loud.
I walk up to Mr. Smith and introduce myself as Jewel Lacey, his temporary secretary. Instead of saying secretary, however, I say sexatary. He looks at me, a knowing smile on his face. Let’s the Freudian slip go and says to me ” Good morning Ms. Lacey. Pardon the late arrival I was stuck in traffic.” In the event that you need anything, please ask Stella and she will get you what you need.

Please grab your pencil and tablet I need you to take a letter.”
I sit down and watch while Mr. Smith hangs up his coat. Looking at his nameplate I read Mr. Jonathan Smith Attorney at Law. Surely his clientele is made up of more than just rich millionaires. However, I wonder how many of them have been specifically women that have come into his office and ask to hire the 300.00 an hour great legal mind for a divorce. Seeking alimony and child support as their husbands are out doing God only know what to whom for how much an hour.

I think to myself if only I could make that much in a day working as a Temporary Sexatary.

He starts to dictate a letter and his voice does something to me. Certainly, as a secretary that came from a reputable school I don’t need to look down at my paper in hand I start to daydream about what it would be like to be Mr. Smith’s lover.

I lean my head back while he stands up out of his chair and walks towards me. He leans over me touching my hair moving it away from my neck, leaning over he kisses my neck, moving to my ear he takes it in his mouth,  sliding his hand down to release the buttons on my shirt, such a deep dark sensual touch as my nipples come to life. Only to be heightened once again as he rubs them gently through my silky soft designer bra.

I let out a moan as he swivels my chair towards him granting him easy access to the rest of my body.

He goes to his knees and sliding his hands over my hose laden legs. he then whispers to me that he loves a woman in stockings and stilettos. That the sight of a woman dressed so provocatively without even realizing the lengths she has gone to make a man want her, want to take her in his arms and make her his should be illegal. Come back on Thursday to see Part 2 to see what unfolds with the Temporary Sexatary. For more of a sensual blog check out this making love sex story. If you can’t wait to check out part 2 check out my audio blog!

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