Telephone scatologia: Obscene Phone Calls Make Me Cum. Part Two

Where were we, oh yes…. talking about telephone scatologia.  And how obscene phone calls make me cum. Foul language, naughty vernacular, and harsh terms of endearment are hot! Let me tell you about when I let out my first solo squirt while at work at The Temple. I lay in bed just nervously awaiting the phone tone. I need to cum, I need that big orgasm, but I not sure if I would have the chance. Telephone scatologia did not cross my mind. However, I am happy it happened!

Naked in bed, just waiting. *Ring* *Ring* I answer, Hi this is Mackenzie. But I hear, “you dirty little cumslut, what are you doing?” *giggle* Just sitting on my bed, waiting for calls. “Want to play? I want to fuck your holes so badly!”  At that moment, my pussy twitches and begins to drip. Thus, how can I not respond with a yes? Albeit a bit out of my comfort zone but majorly turned on already.

Your voice, deep and sexy.

My body aching to hear more of you. At that moment, you tell me how my little fuck holes are for you to use whenever you want, however you want. I can only respond with a giggle and compliance of “yes”. Although it was what you want to hear, you tell me how my little wet cunt is going to be yours for the taking. Thus, my hand wanders down and starts doing robust circles on my love button. I gasp and start to shake you tell me how my fucking tight twat is going to be aching by tomorrow morning. You are going to pound your big man meat in my pussy and make me quiver and cum everywhere. This obscene language is causing my wetness to drip from my hole.

In a deep growl, you remind me, my cunt hole is yours and no one else’s.

As a result of hearing this and having two fingers deep in my snatch– I squirt and gush all over my bed. Thus, I moan and squeal with delight. At this moment, you remind me how my sole purpose is to be of use to you; therefore, I must ask permission before I cum. Or, I “will be one regretful dirty bitch!” Three fingers are required as a punishment at this time, so I comply. “Are you going to be a good filthy cum dump and work for your present?” As I listen to these words my pussy begins to clamp down on my three fingers that are stretching me apart, and I ask if I can cum when I get there.

“You dirty bitch whore, I want this cunt filled with my warm seed, and you will cum as I fill you up with every rope I have in me! uugggggghhhhhhhh take this load you cuntubine!”

I squirt another gush of my juices on my bed and do my best to catch my breath.


You should buy the audio and listen to me tell you this story. It is HOT.

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Cum play with Kenzie!! You know you want to. 

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