Telephone scatologia: Obscene Phone Calls Make Me Cum.

Now that I work for the Temple I realize my upbringing and family life is sheltered. Thus, now I am learning so much about myself! See, I know the world outside of my home life was vast in comparison. While in university my eyes became wide open. At this moment, obscene language and cum are things I am about. Losing my virginity at the age of 22, I know there is more out there for me to learn. Thus, I work as a phone sex operator, my world is expanding and I love it! Thus swear words are now my favorite to use and hear. And, I also love being more open about cumming and my need to squirt.

Because of my job I learned about my love for telephone scatologia.

You see, around the first few calls of my career at the Temple I got the honor to play with a guy who loved naughty swear words. Thus, the naughtier or obscene the better. English in his descent, I was able to hear words that many do not like here. Thus, it made me super excited and wet to hear. As a matter of fact, telling you about it now is getting my pussy wet and swollen as I say this.  You see, I really enjoy hearing how my holes are there for you, how you will use them how you see fit. My cunt is for the taking, and how I am a dirty little cumslut that just needs it.

One night, at work I got this caller, and I made the biggest squirt puddle ever. Never in a million years did I think that talking dirty to me, or telephone scatologia would be a thing that would make me cum. Because I cum from it, let’s see if it will work for you. I am going to tell you about this caller, and I want to see what it does to you. Call me and tell me how it makes you feel. Or you can email me what happens to your body, your mind, or your orgasm.

To be continued ……

But if you cannot wait any longer to hear how this ends well, then buy the audio and enjoy me telling you in your ear.

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Cum play with Kenzie!! You know you want to.

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