Tease and denial!

So on Thursday I published a blog about how I would tease and deny you. Now, I am publishing this blog to tell you how I want you to tease and deny yourself! I want you to follow my commands and do not cum until you have my permission.

First, I want you to get yourself nice and comfortable with your cock out. Now, I want you to start stroking yourself like you normally would until you get hard and stop. With one hand I want you to massage your cum filled balls. With your other hand I want you to tease and stroke yourself by only using your fingertips. While doing this, blow cool air on the tip of your cock until you start to see that precum pooling up on the head of your dick.

Once you see that precum, I want you to stop stroking yourself. I want you to hold your cock in place and use the hand that was just massaging your balls to now rub in that precum. Massage the head of your cock with your precum and when you have it rubbed all over the tip, I want you to start stroking yourself again.

Don’t stop massaging the tip.

Blow more cool air on the head of your cock while you massage and stroke yourself. Then stop. Count to 20 nice and slow. Then, go ahead and stroke yourself like you normally would again. Go back to massaging your balls. Don’t stop stroking until you feel your cock pulsing. Once, you feel it aching to release that cum. I want you to stop. Take some deep breaths and only massage your balls. Count to ten. Take your hand off your balls and only massage the tip of your cock. Do this for 15 seconds. Then, stroke yourself with only your fingertips once again.

Blow more cool air on the head and wrap your hand around your cock. Use a light grip and a slow place. The more you stroke I want your grip to tighten and your pace moving faster. Right before you are about to cum, I want you to stop.

Only massage your balls for one whole minute.

By now you should feel the tension building up more and more with each pump and stop. After your minute goes by, I want to start stroking yourself again. Lightly and slowly. Blow cool air on the tip. Then stop. Ten seconds. Next, I want you to stroke yourself normally with your other hand on your balls. However, this time, I want you to only pump yourself ten times and stop for 15 seconds after every ten pumps. Do this over and over and over again until you just can’t take it anymore. Then, I give you permission to cum. Stroke yourself however you need to burst your load. Make a big mess for me.

Part Two

If you enjoyed this, stay tuned for next weeks blogs coming out on Thursday and Saturday! Or, maybe you’d like to check out my audios!

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