Tease and denial!

Today I want to tell you how I like to tease and edge my men. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, I love when my men beg for me. So of course, when I find out when a man enjoys being teased and edged, I just can’t help myself. My first rule is, you are not allowed to cum until you get my permission. If you don’t obey this rule, I have a cum tax. If you cum without my permission, you tip me any amount over $30. (You should be doing this anyway since I am your Goddess but that’s besides the point.)

My next rule is, follow my instructions. If you don’t follow each of my commands, I will leave you blue balled and hard as a rock until you decide to be a good boy for me. My last rule is, have fun. I want you to let your guard down with me and let loose. Trust my process and you won’t be left unsatisfied.

Now, let me tell you exactly how I would tease you!

First off, I would have you tied down to the bed with a blindfold. Why? Because if you are tied down, you have no choice but to just let go and trust me. The blindfold? So you can’t see what’s coming next. Then, all you would be able to hear is the sound of my voice and heels surrounding you and teasing you. After all that, I would get on the bed next to you and slowly start stroking you with nice tight grip. I will watch your cock grow until it’s nice and hard for me.

Then, I will pick up my pace a little more and blow cold air on the tip of your cock with my perfect lips. Once I hear a soft moan escape your mouth, I will stop. I will just hold your cock in place and feel it pulse, I will keep blowing cold air on the tip. With my other hand, I will lightly massage your balls. Once I feel your cock losing it’s stiffness, I will continue. Tight grip, fast pace. I will spit on the tip of your cock and get you nice and slippery for me.

I love to tease men.

Again, when I hear another moan escape your lips, I will stop. I will keep doing this until I feel like you’ve had enough. By that, I mean, I will most likely tease and deny you until you start to beg for that sweet release of an orgasm. Only then will I give you my permission to cum. I will give you permission. My hand will tighten around your cock I will pump it about five times (at this point, that is all you will need.) with a nice fast pace and you will finally burst.

Part One

If you enjoyed this, stay tuned for Part Two! In the next one, I will tell you exactly how I want you to tease yourself! Or, if you can’t wait, check out my audio and get the instructions from my own sweep lips!


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