Student/ Teacher Fantasy – Getting an A+ on more than my grades – Part 2


Thank you for checking back in, I hope you enjoyed part one. If you missed the first part or need to refresh the hot beginning then click here. 

As I am kissing my super hot high school math teacher I take my legs and straddle his lap. Passionately our kiss deepens. Then I take the tip of my tongue and lick his upper lip. At this point,  I part his mouth and plunge my tongue in tasting him. He moans with pleasure as a result of my tongue seducing his. With Gentleness my hands rub his chest and shoulders. Mmmmm. I thought to myself, how much I’ve longed to feel his muscles. Surprisingly they feel more amazing than I anticipated.

My right hand trails down his 6 pack inching my way down. Continuously it trails over his belt to his hard package on his pants. With pleasure I moan as I can feel how rock hard he is for me. I stroke his cock through his pants thus causing it grow in my palm. My mouth moves to his neck and I inhale his masculine scent. I kiss his neck and move up to his ear lobe giving a sultry lick.

He moans and lifts my shirt over my head.

I’m sitting in front of him now in my jean shorts and white cotton bra. He then brings his head down to my chest and starts kissing where the bra ends on my breasts. Mr. Scott reaches up with both hands one on either side of my bra cup. Skillfully with one swoop he pulls them down, incidentally, my young perky tits pop out. He then takes his tongue and licks my right nipple then takes it in his mouth. In the meantime, I arch my back pushing my tits more into his face, my head tips back and I whimper with pleasure. Mr. Scott ravishes on each nipple going back from one to the other.

My hands scrambles to undo his belt, unbutton his pants and also unzip the zipper. I stand up and my hands reach to the waist of his pants and underwear slowly I pull them down his legs to his ankles going down to my knees.

Like a soldier at attention his hard cock stands erect in my face. Eagerly I take my hand over his cock stroking it gently. Then I lick my red lips and lower down to the tip and give it a little lick as a result his cock twitches in my hand. My tongue seductively swirls over the tip like an ice cream cone. He lets out a primal groan and his eyes roll back in his head. So then I take my hand and lift his hard cock. Looking up at him, I run my tongue from the base of his shaft all the way back up to the tip resulting in Mr. Scott letting out another moan of pure pleasure.

I take the tip of his head and put it in my mouth bringing his cock deeper to the back of my throat. ‘Oh ya Baby” Mr. Scott whispers to me.

Lovingly, my tongue runs up and down the length of his shaft. I give a slight suck with my movement. Wide eyed, I look up at him. I love watching how much he is enjoying my mouth circling his hard throbbing cock. I can feel it jump on my tongue. Consequently, guiding his hands, I put them on either side of my head. This is how I encouraged him to push into my mouth to deep throat his entire member. My red lips surround his shaft and I rhythmically continue to milk his cock with my mouth. In the meantime, quickening my rhythm going faster and faster until lastly he explodes his seed to the back of my throat. Therefore I promptly swallow his nectar giving a giggle as I smile up at him. I think I am on my way to earning an A+.

Thank you for reading my blog! If you want to hear me tell this erotic story with my own sexy voice you can purchase the audio.

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