Tattoo Daydream Becomes a Reality, Kinky Canvas – Part 1

I’d been stalking Wyatt’s tattoo portfolio for months now, and the instant he had an opening, I took it. It meant I had to skip work for the day, and while I felt a little guilty playing hookey I knew it would be worth it.

The seat in the waiting room dug into my thighs as I sat there, and the length of my skirt wasn’t helping. Today my plan was to get a thigh piece, and as such, I’d put on one of the shortest black skirts I owned. My knee bounced while I wondered if the cute blond receptionist with the tiger tattoo could see my pussy.

Looking around the room while I waited I saw several small sculptures decorating the shelves. There was a metal dog made of nuts and blots, stickmen welded together, an intricate wolf’s mask, and more. I bit my lip as my eyes flitted along the wall.

Last week we’d met briefly to cover the design, placement, and payment.

A girl who couldn’t be a day over than eighteen walked up to the counter from the area beyond, her shoulder wrapped in plastic as she paid with a golden card. I briefly wondered if Wyatt had been the one to work on her as he walked up to the front of the counter, which answered my question. His eyes slid over her shoulder, while she handed her card to the receptionist. He smiled, and it looked almost genuine.

Little miss gold card finished paying, before handing a couple of bills to Wyatt. Tiger lady talked with him while gold-card left. The bell on the front door announced her departure as I watched the way Wyatt interacted with her. He stretched as he talked, taking up more personal space than before. How deeply do you know her, I wondered to myself while I watched. Her short blond hair, and smile, somehow drew my eyes to her chest, and she winked as she looked over and caught my gaze. My cheeks grew warm as blood pooled under my skin. Wyatt smirked.


My chest tightened as I stood up, embarrassment coating my face. He must have checked his appointment list earlier, as much as I hoped he’d remembered my name. I walked towards him, my legs cold as the air wrapped around them. “How are you doing today?”

“I’m good,” I said, “how are you two?”

“I’m good. It looked like you saw something you liked on Francine.”

She giggled as my stomach sunk. “I, um, uh, well…” I said.

“Don’t worry about it sweetey,” Francine said as her eyes traveled over my body. Her gaze paused at my ass, almost visible under my skirt, and then she winked at me.

Wyatt shifted as he motioned for me to follow him. “Right back here,” he said, while he guided us to his station.

“So, we’re going to be going for a lion’s skull with a dragon passing through, is that correct?” Wyatt asked.

I nodded as I tried to force embarrassment from my mind. “Did you come up with a design?”

“Yup,” he said as he handed me a piece of paper. The art was gorgeous. I looked at the design as Wyatt’s eyes took me in.

“This is beautiful,” I said while my fingers traced the delicate lines of the stencil.

“I thought you’d like it.” He chuckled as he patted the table.

After a second I hop up.

“Alrighty,” he said, “let’s get you shaved.”

I wonder if my cheeks can turn any redder than they were. “I shaved last night,” I said as I studied the blue floor tiles. My right hand lifted my skirt to display more of my thigh.

“I can see that,” Wyatt said with a chuckle. “But I find it best to always shave a client myself.” He pulled out a razor and some shaving cream from a drawer to his left. “This might be cold,” he told me as he sprayed some shaving cream on his palm. It was a little cold at first, but I could feel the heat rising everywhere his gloved fingers touched. I did my best not to squirm as he smeared the cream against my thigh, and I held my breath as he brought the razor down across to my skin. With my skirt pushed up his eyes flickered to my crotch for a second as he drew the blades across my skin.

“No panties?” He grinned as he asked me.

I mumbled something about not wanting underwear to press against a fresh tattoo while my cheeks managed to somehow blush a deeper red. Wyatt nodded and grinned, a tiny sadistic twinkle in his eye as he asked, “Now Haley, is this your first tattoo?”

I shook my head no as I held up my left wrist. “I got this about 4 years ago,” I started.

“No,” he said. “I mean something close to this size before.”


His face is studying mine. “And how did you feel when you got that heart?” he asked as he pointed to my wrist.

“Excited. And well,” I looked at the ground, “a little intense.”

“Well then,” Wyatt said, “the sensations here on your thigh are going to be different than the ones you had on your wrist. Remember, these needles won’t kill you. They might sting, pinch, or burn, but you’ll survive.”

I nodded as I said, “I know. And I’ll do my best to hold still.”

“You better. You’re the one who’s going to be wearing this. Now, go ahead and lay back.”

Moving to lie down, I whispered to myself, “You can take so much more than your body thinks you can.”

“Yes, yes you can.” His deep voice made my heart race as I lay back, my skirt pulled up, Wyatt leaning in. I felt the stencil press against my naked skin as he fitted it to my thigh. “Would you like to check the placement?”

The massage table under me was cool as I took some deep breaths in. “No, I trust your judgment.”

Wyatt smiled as he picked up his tattoo machine. “Alrighty, girl, let’s make some art.”

I did my best to hold still as the machine moved closer. Wyatt had one gloved hand on my thigh while the other followed suit. It didn’t feel like much as his machine first made contact, maybe a small pinching or burning sensation. I listened to the music of the shop and tried to count all the art pieces I could see while I tried very hard not to move.

But the feeling grew as the needles glided across my skin, and suddenly it was all I could think about while the needles moved in and out of my thigh, burning. My whole world was Wyatt’s as his hands moved his machine across my leg. Pain shot through me, hot and all-encompassing, as he etched his art into my leg. Every so often as he would stop to get more ink I could breathe freely until his tattoo machine made contact again.

Laying there as Wyatt worked ink into my skin all the nerves in my body were awake. I knew my muscles tightened as the needles pierced my skin. I was just a canvas for his art. Time had no meaning as his machine buzzed, and then I realized it had stopped. I opened my eyes and tried to remember where I was while sweat condensed on my forehead.

“With all that noise, I  thought you were about to cum on my table,” Wyatt smirked as he looked at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Wyatt snickered. “For the last 20 minutes you’ve been laying on my table moaning so loud Francine actually came back to make sure we were still working on your tattoo.

My face immediately turned red again. “No, um, I mean, but I thought I was just laying there?”

The smile on Wyatt’s lips was authentic while a cruel glimmer lingered in his eye. “Well,” he said, “we’ve still got another couple hours of work ahead of us. Would you perhaps like to finish this back in my personal studio?”

I barely stammered out a response before he packed his things. “Don’t worry,” he said. “It’s just right next door.

He was right, it was literally next door.

As we walked in I realized his private studio was also where he lived. A beautifully decorated front room with a leather massage table is where we headed, and as I got there I noticed material dangling off the edges. I looked down while we moved toward it and realized they were clips and tie-downs.

Wyatt chuckled. “Some of my clients needed some help holding still.”

I settled into the table as I finally asked. “So, it sounded like I was feeling good?”

“Yup,” he flashed a wolfy grin. “And the wetness of your pussy wouldn’t have anything to do with that would it?”

I blinked as I looked away.

“Awe don’t worry, sweet girl,” Wyatt said as his machine started buzzing once more. I felt my pussy tighten as I noticed for the first time how wet really was.


I hope you’re enjoying this fantasy with me. If you can’t wait until Friday for part 2 you can buy the audio here.

And if you liked this story check out my friend River’s Tattoo Fantasy blog!

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