Tattoo Fetish. How I Turned Him On With My Tattoos Part 1

I never thought that I’d meet someone with a tattoo fetish before. Tattoos have always been kind of a big deal. Today more than ever they’re becoming a lot more accepted, especially when it comes to the workplace.

You guys know about the tattoo I have on my arm, but do you know I have a couple more? I tend to keep them covered up, but sometimes if you’re lucky, you get to see them.

I was at the beach back in July with some of my girlfriends celebrating for the fourth. This really cute surfer type looking guy staring at me, so I waved him over. 

With a smile, I greeted him and started to make small talk. I noticed when we were talking, he wouldn’t look me in the eyes, but he kept staring at my arm. At first, I thought it was a bit strange, but then I realized he was looking at my body art.

“I take it that you like my ink,” I said. Looking up at me with a smile, “yes. Very much. I’m always interested to learn stories from people and the meanings behind the tattoo’s that people have.

I respected that and then began to tell him about the tattoo on my arm.

He found it very hot that I had a tattoo and then I told him I actually had 4 of them, but three of them were covered up for the most part. Obviously he was extremely curious.

I had then gone on to mention that I had a sunflower tattooed on my breast, a butterfly tattooed on my lower back, and a kitty pawprint tattooed on the upper part of my leg. All of this talk about my ink was really turning this guy on, and I could see his cock getting a bit big inside his shorts.

I then went and asked the question of if he wanted to see them and of course he said yes. Since we were in a public place, I asked if he could take a walk with me to my car. You guys know I’m quite adventurous so of course, this is my chance to do something crazy.

I turned the car on, drove to a more private area, and then I had this guy get in my back seat with me.

He started to rub my arm with his hand, and I realized he really did have a fetish for tattoos, and he wanted me, and all of my ink.

He continued to rub my arm, eventually leaning in to kiss me. I slowly started to take the top to my bathing suit off, revealing the sunflower on my breast. Slowly reaching his hand to squeeze and touch my breast as he continues to kiss me, I could tell I was getting extremely turned on and wanted him inside me. I was only getting started, and I couldn’t wait to see how he would react to the other tattoo’s I had.

Come back on Thursday to read part 2 of my tattoo fetish blog! But, if you can’t wait for it, check out my audio blog and take a listen to the kinky details in my sexy voice. Or, if you want something else to turn you on, read my smoking fetish blog.

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