I was so excited to be getting a new tattoo! I couldn’t wait to start.  Looking over my freshly waxed pussy he licked his lips before his eyes darted back up to mine. At this point though I was only a little tempted. I knew though once he started working on me I’d want more. He ran a finger over my pussy mound softly on the skin. 

“It would be a shame to tattoo such an already gorgeous area on you but if you are sure…”

At that I laughed. “Why don’t we start out somewhere else today then and if I like your work we will do the flames next time? I’ve been wanting to get a heart on my back shoulder with some detail also. I wanted to see how you’d react to my first idea before we went further. I brought it with me. Let’s try this smaller tattoo today first?” Nodding his agreement I turned over on the table not bothering to put my shorts back on. Pointing to where I wanted it he got right to work. 

Feeling the first touch of that needle sent a shiver down my spine I had to try to hold still through. As the time went on I felt the wetness pooling on the table under my. My clit has its own heartbeat by the time he was finishing up. I knew he could tell I was excited having to adjust my hips and hold back little moans of excitement. I wish I had chosen a more complicated tattoo as I heard him put the gun down next to us. 

Laying there my bare ass his view the whole time he had worked on me and looking over I wasn’t the only one excited.  Setting down his tattoo gun I hear him turn back to me.

“Can I taste you?”

“Excuse me? Look you have to pay for this, don’t think you are going to offer yourself up and all is good. This is my job. I have bills to pay.”

“I’m paying you but I’m all wet and needy and I seem to not be the only one with that problem.” Spreading my thighs I showed him how soaked I was. Groaning he pulled his zipper down, grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock in my mouth. HIs hand going over my ass to my wetness I heard him curse and he shoved himself deep down my throat.

Sliding two fingers into me I hear him curse again and pull his cock out of my mouth. Flipping me over he buried himself deep into me. 

“Tell me you are on the pill”

I nodded and wrapped my legs around him. Feeling the burning in my shoulder the skin tender I shiver and make him bury himself deep in my pussy. I felt my legs start to shake as he started pounding in and out of me grabbing my hips and thrusting hard. Fucking me for all he was worth I shatter whimpering. No more words were spoken as I felt him cum deep in me. The sensation dropping me over the ledge again as I shattered. A new tattoo and orgasms yay me.

After gathering my clothes around we set up an appointment for next week. He told me to make sure to wear a skirt and he’d make sure to get a taste in the middle of the tattoo also. 

Dearly hope you enjoyed part 2 of getting ink and cum.  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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