If there is something I hate more than tan lines then someone else must name it. As I keep walking down the beach I look around and see no one. Perfect, I had walked probably a miles down to get away from the few stragglers. I can feel the heat pouring down on me as I set up my area. A blanket and cooler, some wine and to get rid of some of these tan lines. I just love being nude in public, it’s just so damn naughty. 

I smile to myself as I undo my top. This beach is known for no kids but I want to make sure as I feel the material free my breasts. Oh the feel of the sun hitting my nipples was enticing. A little thrill goes through me. Maybe it’s not as much the tan lines as daring to be naked in public. I feel the goosebumps slide over my skin. What a delicious sensation. 

That’s when I hear him. 

“You can’t do that here.” Turning my head around I see a guy jogging up behind me. With brown hair and green eyes he was a lot older but definitely cute. 

I giggle as I slide my hands over my flat stomach and down my hips. 

“You going to stop me?” 

I enjoy being watched and all but this could turn out to be a lot of fun. 

“This isn’t a nude beach Ma’am. You really need to keep your bottoms on.” Oh how he gulped as I listened to him nodding my head and yet slowly slid them down. Revealing those pesky tan lines from before. 

“Ma’am, errr I don’t know your name but I really must insist you stop.” 

Kicking my bottoms away from me I just smile and lay down. Oh this is so much fun for me. I swear his eyes are about to bug out. Why do I enjoy so much knowing spreading my legs and giving this stranger a view of my pink pussy would probably speed this along. 

Instead I pull out my suntan lotion and start rubbing it down my stomach. Tossing my hair to the side I hold it up towards him.

“Hey can you get my back I can’t reach and don’t want to burn.”

“Ma’am I really must insist.” I see him starting to back away slowly. Sigh, maybe he won’t be as much fun. 

“Stop being silly come over here and help me. Do you want me to burn on my tan lines?”

“I err I.” 

“Get over here right now and help me can’t you see I’m a damsel in distress?” I say this completely naked as the sun warmed me. 

As he walks up he grabs the bottle slowly kneeling down beside me. 

“What’s your name sir?” I ask as I turn and lay on my stomach my cute butt exposed to his eyes. 

“Oh that’s cold I say as he lets it drip down my back and ass. Oh yes this shall be so much fun.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 of me playing in the sun . Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to hear how heated it got on the beach. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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