Tan Lines Can Get You In Trouble. – Part 2

I’m Steve, and you my dear of the tan lines are trouble. On this beach not feeling any cold my pussy putting off enough heat without the sun beating down I was more then Ok with that. Screw tan lines my mind went way to the left now.

Giggling I start to say something that is quickly cut off when his hand slides over my ass slowly. 

“Mmmm that feels really good.” 

“If you turn over I think I saw a spot you missed. Woman with no name but hates these pesky lines I think I’ll just call you tan lines.” 

Laughing I roll over and I feel my nipples tighten. Not because of exposure exactly. It wasn’t cold. More because of exposure to his heated eyes. Oh yes, I am in so much trouble and I love it. As he poured more lotion into his hand I looked down and see the tip of him peeking out of his shorts! He is huge! Huge and so hard for me. 

Even while I’m taking this in his callused hand slides over my breast but doesn’t stop like I expected. He slides his hand lower down and cups my heat. 

“That’s a lot of no hesitation for someone that told me to get my clothes back on” I gasp out right when he slides a finger between my lips feeling how excited teasing him had made me. 

“Now no tan lines I think you need to learn some manners. Right as he says that he slides a finger deep into me no hesitation. 

“What kind of manners are you wanting me to learn sir?” I thought I had control of this situation but instead I know I have lost all control. 

Especially when he quickly pulls a finger out of me and abruptly shoves his shorts down and releases his monster cock. 

“You are going to suck this and you are going to like it. You caused this hard cock now I expect you to take care of it right here on the beach.”

Oh wow everything inside me clenches as he grabs the back of my hair and I open my mouth barely in time to feel him shoving the head between my lips. Opening my jaw as much as I can I try to take him down my throat. I feel my juices leaking between my thighs at his taking charge like this. As he moves my face using my hair the sharp pain of it makes me moan. A moan felt against his hard cock as I could barely breathe let alone get anything out. Making my pussy go crazy.

“That’s right tan lines be a good girl for me. Suck this strangers cock.” Right as he said that he slid two fingers into me deep. Making me gasp and take even more of his cock down his throat he started to finger fuck me. I can barely contain myself. I’m so turned on I’m already about to shatter. Letting him facefuck me I fall into the sensation of him sliding between my lips and trying to breathe. Right then I shatter cumming hard and with a scream of pleasure around him he slides his cock down my throat cumming hard. Getting up he leaves. 

“Enjoy the rest of your day Tan Lines.”

I really hope you enjoyed part 2 of me playing in the sun . Make sure to come back next week for some more fun. If you would enjoy a little more then just the typed word  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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