Baby Diaper Fetish – Taking Care Of My Adult Baby Diaper Lover Part 1

Baby Diaper Fetish is more common than you would guess. Many of my clients love the way I change them, touch them and even breastfeed them. 
For example, I have one client that loves to have Mommy Trisha take care of him.  Just last week, he was feeling vulnerable and needed Mommy.   So, I checked his diaper by putting my finger under where it gathers at the leg. It was soaking wet and needed changing.  Next, I got the lotion, baby powder, and wipes.

After I had everything ready I called him over.

Having him lie down on the changing pad I placed on the floor I said,  “Lift your butt, baby,” as I pulled the dirty diaper out from under him.  Having pulled the wet diaper and disposing of it I use the wipes to clean him off.  I made sure to wipe all around his balls and cock and down between his ass cheeks.  I wouldn’t want my sweet little baby to develop a rash.  Next I spread the lotion over the inside of this thighs, on his ass and around his cock making sure to spend some extra attention rubbing the  lotion around his balls and onto his cock.   Finally, I sprinkled baby power over him.

Before getting a clean baby diaper, he needed to feed and Mommy Trisha would make him feel good with her special touches and caresses.

Lying on the bed, I opened my robe.

My baby crawled over and up onto the bed.  In a moment, his lips latched on to my breast and he started to suckle and feed.  While he sucked, Mommy Trisha reached down and started to stroke his hardening cock.  It was smooth, hard, thick and felt so very good.  Mommy Trisha knew just what to do with it.

I love the feel of him feeding while his cock throbs in my hand.

Soon, I shifted my legs, opening them wide, and he rolled over between them. His hard cock slid into my soaking pussy and I wrapped my legs around his waist.  As he continuing to nurse, he made long, deep strokes into my aching pussy slowly at first and then increasing the tempo.  I know it wouldn’t take long I could feel his cock inside me starting to pulsate.  I would take care of putting the baby diaper on him later.

After a few more thrusts we both exploded!

Collapsing into each other we both just laid there for a time reveling in the fantastic feeling of what we have just experienced.  Ever so slowly I could feel my babies cock start to shrink until it slowly slipped out of my pussy.  Snuggling up against me he started to coo!  Burying his face deep into my breasts he slept.  There would be plenty of time later to get the baby diaper out.



Make sure to come back on Sunday to find out what happens in,  Taking Care Of My Adult Baby Diaper Lover.

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  1. xaranahara January 20, 2021 at 1:41 pm

    Wow. That’s amazing. You’re a good momma to him.


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