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Cheating Wife – Your Neighborhood Cum-Eating MILF Pt 1

Cheating Wife – Your Neighborhood Cum-Eating MILF Pt. 1 Hi there!  My name is Riley and one of the things this MILF enjoys most out of life is watching hot, young, sexy men anywhere I can find them! And when it comes to watching my beautiful neighbor through my kitchen window while he does his chores is no exception! He is barely 21 years old, has…

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Cheating Sex Stories and How My Boyfriend Caught Me – Part II – Phone Sex

Cheating Sex Stories , my sweet boyfriend was in for a wet surprise from his very unfaithful girlfriend. Last time we chatted, I was telling you all about fucking a total stranger one day while out shopping.  Well, that is what an unfaithful girlfriend, like me, does.  Here is the rest of the story. When I left you in the story, the stranger and I…

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