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Sissy phone sex, Let Me Dress You Up Kan-A-0001 3-20-23 Part One

Have you ever wanted to play dress up?  Well, this is a story about the time I played dress-up with a little sissy slut! I’ve always loved doing makeovers and playing dress up since I was a little girl and once I got older, I thought all of that was over. I couldn’t have been more wrong, I learned that dress-up and makeovers as an…

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Fined by the Fire Department – a Lesson Part 1

Fined by the Fire Department, a Lesson – Part1 It’s easy to forget that there are cameras everywhere.  Even when you think you have looked to see if there are any visible lenses, you will miss some.  This is a true story of how I thought an old elevator wouldn’t have any cameras, until the local fire department showed up and taught me a lesson. …

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Car sex, Aria’s naughty high school sexcapades part two

Car sex, Aria’s naughty High School Sexcapades Part 2 Just like I thought, his grip pulled me down and his cock slid inside of me like a sword being sheathed. He pulled me all the way down so that he filled me completely. I gasped, feeling my tight little pussy stretch to accommodate him. He didn’t give me time to adjust before he manhandled my…

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