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Next-door Threesome Phone Sex Fantasy – Paying with Pussy – Part 1

When I moved, I had no idea how to do these upgrades. There were lights, paint, fans, and fixtures. It was all just so much. Consequently, even going to the local hardware store was overwhelming. We all know what happened the last time I went to a hardware store. I spent months with my realtor, looking at houses, picking them apart, and making offers. A…

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Succubus Phone Sex with Scarlett – Part 1

Succubus Phone Sex with Scarlett An erotic tale of succubus phone sex, straight from the Goddess herself! The sun had barely started to set when I thought I heard a noise in my forest. As a naiad – a water nymph, kind of like a succubus – I had ruled the river that ran through the trees for centuries, sometimes going years without seeing another…

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Long Distance Cam-girlfriend – Becoming Famous – Part 2

Today I am telling you what to do. If you join my Long Distance Cam-girlfriend fantasy, read part 1 of my erotically steamy blog. Next, Purchase my sexy audio with bonus details (don’t have the volume up at work). Remember that makes you one of the exclusive clients to own dirty elements of my fantasy on audio! “I miss your throbbing cock inside my tight…

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