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Morning Wood Phone Sex – Mia Has Morning Fun – Part 2

Slipping my hands down my man’s pants and feeling the morning wood inside grow and get hard is a high that can’t be replaced by anything. So don’t worry guys, this is why you’ll never be replaced by anything artificial. I continued to use my hands on his cock and balls in this way until I could feel his lower abdomen begin to clench and…

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Sleeping Phone Sex – Willow Wakes Up To A Sexy Surprise

As the sun attempted to steal through the drawn curtains, my brain had a similar struggle reaching for consciousness. I was caught in that dreamy haze between sleep and awake, and the cozy snuggle of my fuzzy blanket soothed me back towards the healing slumber of a Saturday morning. Seriously, there is nothing better than sleeping late on my day off. I tumbled back towards…

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