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The Break In – Chrissy Took Control -Part 2

The Break-In – Chrissy Took Control -Part 2 I Would Assert My Dominance The burglars had me rattled at first, but I had to take control.  My anger and annoyance only strengthened my resolve to teach these two a lesson.  Grabbing a chair, I pushed the bottom wrung into the fat one’s neck as I sat on it to help restrain him.  Then I pressed…

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The Break In – Chrissy Took Control Part1

The Break-in – Chrissy Took Control – Part1 I Brought My Whip I was nervous but ready the night of the break-in, and Chrissy took control.  I had been practicing my whip skills all evening and needed a break.  After a quick shower it was time to reward myself with some dress up time.  I loved putting together a whole look and I wanted to…

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