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Schoolgirl Phone Sex – My First Time With A Girl – GEO-A-005 – Part 2

My First Time With A Girl – Part 2 “I want to taste you,” I said, as we became increasingly hot and frantic and I kissed my way down her smooth, hot, lovely body and then gazed briefly at her gorgeous pussy, with its fine, soft golden-red hair. Pushing my tongue inside her, I slid it quickly onto her stiff little clit as she screamed…

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Anal Phone Sex – You Take My Ass – GEO-A-004 – Part 2

You Take My Ass – Part 2 I feel the ass toy push further into me as your thumbs brace against it. I know that you are preparing my ass for your cock and, as your fingers stab up into me; expertly hitting and stroking my g-spot, I come savagely and fall onto the bed, my pussy throbbing and my ass contracting on the black…

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