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Blackjack at the Neighbor’s House – Part 2

Blackjack at the Neighbor’s – Part 2 Blackjack with the Neighbors was about to get interesting.  There were Neal and Bob the two neighbors who lived directly across from me.  Mike, who lived to the right of me, Jerry who lived to the right of him, and Frank, the eldest of the group who was a widower, living at the end of the block.  As…

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Blackjack at the Neighbors House – Part 1

Blackjack at the Neighbors – Part1 How could an innocent game of blackjack with the neighbors turn so quickly into something entirely different?  I guess it all depends on your point of view.  This true story is a lesson about how when you play the game, you should know who you are playing with.  Also, this story shows quickly things go to the unexpected when…

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