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Wonder Woman Fan fiction-Seduction of Batman- Part 1

Wonder Woman Fanfiction-Seduction of Batman   So I have a confession I have always been a bit obsessed with Wonder Woman.  It started when I was younger, this strong, beautiful, kind, and courageous woman gave me a role model. The older I got the more of a crush I developed on her. She’s tall and thick and let’s face it sexy as hell. Her lasso of…

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Erotic FanFiction – Harley Quinn Jerk Off Instruction – Part 2

Erotic FanFiction – Harley Quinn JOI – Part 2 Erotic fanfiction is one of the best kinds of erotica. Let’s keep going with our naughty tale, shall we? He stared at her, transfixed. Despite himself, he could feel his balls getting tighter, fuller. The captive wanted to cum because she was so tantalizing and stroking himself felt so good. That’s when Harley decided to turn…

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