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Sissy Slut-How I Turned My Best Friend’s Dad-Part Two

How I turned my best friend’s dad into a Sissy Slut! Part Two I spent the next morning going through all the pictures on Mr. Morgan’s phone. That sissy slut had’t seen anything yet! There was even more pictures and videos than I thought. He had sure been watching me for a long time. This was great though because I knew I could use it…

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Vacuum Cleaner – My Powerful Magic Sub Sucker Machine

Vacuum Cleaner – My Powerful Magic Sub Sucker Machine As someone who loves to play with toys, I have a wide assortment of different vacuums.  I can suck anyone up. I have a special room that holds everything that can suck. For instance, It’s not just a vacuum cleaner, it’s a breast pump, it’s a turkey baster, it’s my mouth, and an assortment of vacuums…

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Strap On Domination- My First Time Pegging- Part 2

Missed part one of Strap On Domination? Check it out here! He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, taking the time to lick it slowly, hesitantly. I could see he was nervous, but he wasn’t fighting me at all, so I allowed the slow progression. Eventually, he pulled back and glanced up at me before wrapping his mouth around the head of the…

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