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CumSlut Phone Sex with Scarlett – Part 1

Scarlett the CumSlut Phone Sex Where’s the best place to get cum? My first answer would be straight from the source, obviously. There’s something so rewarding about gagging and choking and slobbering on a stiff dick, feeling heavy balls tighten in my hand, and then tasting that rush of cum spurting into my mouth. I mean, cumslut phone sex is pretty great, but nothing beats…

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Sex Life Of College Girls: Late Night Dorm Rooms Pt1

Have you ever wondered what happens in the sex life of college girls? How, those late nights go when the girls are all locked up together in their houses. With nothing to do but each other? You couldn’t even begin to imagine the naughty things that happen.  I will tell you one of my favorite stories of all time. You see, my best friend Amanda…

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