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My Pretty Sissy Boy – Femdom Phone Sex – Part 2

My Pretty Sissy Boy – Part 2 Running my hands soothingly up and down his arms and massaging his shoulders in readiness for the tension which was about to flare, I said: “Alexis, before I get you dressed in your beautiful girl clothes, there is just one thing that you have to do. Let me remove ALL of your body hair. It has to go.”…

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Panty Thief – Sissy Phone Sex – Part 2

Panty Thief – Part 2 Sitting him back down again, I slid the smooth black leather stiletto heels onto his stockinged feet. Telling him to stand up carefully, he took a couple of unsteady, excited steps towards my full-length mirror and then stood still to admire himself. With his long legs in those sheer stockings and the six inch stilettos, he did look absolutely beautiful….

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