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Teacher /Student CNC Phonesex – Extra Credit – Part 1

Teacher /Student Roleplay Phonesex – Extra Credit – Part 1   “Mr. Torres?” “Hmm?” My Calculus teacher grumbled without so much as a glance in my direction. I frowned. You could at least look at me… “I was wondering if we could talk about my grade.” Calculus was my final class every other day, so the other students had already ran out in hopes of…

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Bratty Submissive Gets Owned By Lesbian Dommes Pt 2

Bratty Submissive Gets Owned By Lesbian Dommes Pt 2 So, now that we had a halfway decent plan for our bratty submissive, Nicole, we invited her over. Genna stood on standby with her phone, ready to call Nicole’s boss the moment she pulled into my driveway. Jessica and I went to my basement to set up a secure area to store her for when I…

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Financial Domination – I’ll Control Your Wallet!

Financial domination as always been a pretty big kink for me. Money turns me on. Especially, if it’s from a man that loves to spoil me. There’s no doubt that everyone loves money. However, not everyone gets turned on when their direct deposit hits and I mean really turned on. I feel little tingles in my body when payday comes around and when I check…

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