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Babysitter Fantasy – Caught Masturbating! Pt1

Babysitter caught masturbating! In this fantasy, the babysitter gets caught stealing and gets “punished” by both parents! First, we will start off with what the babysitter is wearing. She will be wearing some short denim shorts, black tank top and no bra with her hair pulled up in a messy bun. The parents are out having a wonderful date night for the first time in…

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Babysitting Adventure: Fun With The Neighbors, part 1

Babysitting Adventure: Fun With The Neighbors, part 1 Hello. It’s Ronnie. Can I tell you a little story? I want to tell someone about a little babysitting adventure I had when I was still living at home. I remember that the neighbors had told me they would be having a big night out on Friday night and they would like me to sit for them….

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Chrissy’s True Babysitting Story – Part 2

keptTrue Naughty Babysitting Story Not all babysitters are the same.  Some babysitters do a great job with kids.  In a true naughty babysitting story, babysitters do the best job with daddies.  Chrissy likes real daddies. Babysitting David The boys were bathed and in their PJ’s when David got home.  They gave him a hug and he brought them straight to their room for bedtime.  I…

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