Taboo Hunger: Indulging In The Other White Meat Part 2

That’s A Wrap!

I cut a long piece of twine, wrapping it lengthwise along the lush roast’s taboo cleft. With a little jiggle, the string slides into place, ensuring that none of the stuffing pops out during its time in the oven. With a dash of lemon juice, my thick, perfectly marbled roast is ready for the oven. I carefully lift the roasting pan and set it inside the oven. My stomach grumbles and I feel a moment of self-pity: It was going to be a long six hours!

With a kiss, I send you on your way to get cleaned up. I busy myself with as many chores as I can find, but eventually, I’m drawn back to the kitchen. You’re already there, peeking inside the oven. You smile like a kid caught in the cookie jar as I look down and see your hand still steadily pumping your thick cock. Taking a peek inside the oven myself, I can see why!

Our roast looks delicious! Its golden-brown skin drips with oil, and where the twine is wrapped around it, the skin has split, revealing tender meat. It fuels our taboo hunger so badly! The distorted waves of heat in the oven give it a surreal look, almost like a cartoon of a thanksgiving turkey.

Knowing you’d be so disappointed if you came before tasting its melt-in-your-mouth yumminess, I gently smack your hand away from your cock. Then I grab it myself. For a second, you get excited, thinking I’m going to help you finish the job. Oh, how wrong you are! I firmly tuck your erect dick back inside your pants and then zip it inside before grabbing the oven mitts.

Table For Three…Well, Two And A Quarter, Really

With a playful nudge of my hips, I push you out of the way so I can pull out the roast. Its aroma fills the kitchen instantly and my stomach rumbles. While I let it rest on the counter, I toss a salad and plate the table. Knowing you’ll want to carve the round hips of our catch yourself, I put everything on the table and present you with a large knife.

Seeing your hungry eyes stare at the knife makes my pussy drip. Dropping to my knees, I pull your cock out and start sucking. With a groan, you dive in, slicing a “V” shaped wedge into the poor creature’s thigh meat. My lips tighten around your shaft as you lift the white, dripping meat to your mouth, indulging in the first bite. The taboo hunger rises in me as your cock surges down my throat.

Above, I hear you muttering about how succulent and delicious the first slice was as the shaking knife cuts another piece, this time from the tender junction between the thigh and buttocks. While I work your cock in my warm, ravenous mouth you gorge yourself. I wish I could see the look in your eyes! Luckily, I get to feel your excitement as juices drips down your chin. Your cock is so close to cumming.

Dinner AND Entertainment?!

My hand snakes down, squeezing your balls. The rough touch seems to do you in because I hear the knife clattering on the roasting tray and a loud thud on the table above. The corner of my mouth lifts in a smirk. I know that sound! My naughty husband is beyond control. Your hand had slammed down on the table to stabilize you as your orgasm approached. Soon my mouth and throat will be coated in your thick, creamy cum. I guess that’s my¬†taboo hunger!

I hum in anticipation. Your hips buck forward violently, fucking my throat. My eyes tear up as you gag me faster and faster, frantic to empty your balls with a mouth full of the ill-gotten roast. And then, as though something snapped, it happens. A geyser of jizz floods my mouth as you moan about golden oiled skin, tender flesh, and taboo hunger.

What a delicious meal for both of us!

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