Taboo Hunger: Indulging In The Other White Meat Part 1

Only a handful of adventurous men are going to take this journey into taboo hunger with me, and to them, I tip my hat. I see you, taboo traveler, wandering through these murky waters as we find the companionship and understanding we so desire. We need to feel the delicious camaraderie of a similar soul while we dine on our illicit meal together. While many times I use the word “hunger” to mean “sexual desire”, tonight is not one of those times, though it tends to come into play too.

That’s right. I’m hungry for the other white meat…and if I’ve got your full attention now and you aren’t trying to run away then you’re hungry for it too, I bet! Shall we dine together, dear husband? Sit down at the counter and watch me prepare our off-limits meal!

Taboo Hunger Pangs

As you sit down with a sigh, I wipe my hands on my apron to dislodge the last bits of flour from them. Dressed as your perfect Stepford housewife in heels and a vintage dress, I smile adoringly at you. Ever the provider, even on your day off, you’d been out securing our fresh pig. And what a fine,¬†long specimen it is! You’d even taken the burden off of me and butchered it in the basement.

I desperately want your companionship and input now that our taboo hunger is rising, but looking you up and down with your blood-splattered slacks and white shirt I know at some point I’ll have to send you on your way to get cleaned up. For now, though, it’s time to thank you while I oil the meat. Not, that you don’t look absolutely decadent like this…it does¬†intensify my taboo hunger.

“You did lovely today, baby! The rump is going to taste so delicious with that perfect marbling.”

I give the ass a firm smack to emphasize how meaty it is and for a moment both of our hearts stop. The predator inside wants to tear it apart without even cooking it, but, seeking to maintain at least the allusion of civilized decency, I draw your attention away from the tempting treat with a question.

Oil Of Oh, Yay!

“Where’d you find her? We haven’t had such a tender sow in almost a year.”

You smirk, proud of yourself as you prepare to fill me in about your hunt to satiate our taboo hunger.

“Well, I was on my way out to that shelter in Franklin County, but instead of taking the highway, I took back roads. And as luck would have it, I found her trotting along the road, as piggies sometimes do, shivering. Poor thing didn’t even try to bolt when I grabbed her.”

I drizzle olive oil over the hind-quarters of our would-be dinner guest as I praise you once more, but soon silence descends on the kitchen. Your eyes watch me intently as I slowly spread the oil over the juicy rump and legs with my bare hands. The cut of meat is large, so to reach every inch, I lean forward over the counter separating us, and your eyes dart between my ample cleavage and where my hand disappears between the succulent cheeks of our pale dinner.

Overtaken By Hunger

I know the look in your eyes. Down, boy! Not yet! Our taboo hunger needs to simmer while I prepare dinner. Reaching for the seasoning, I sprinkle a mix of freshly minced garlic, salt, onion, thyme, and a hint of oregano over the oiled rump. As I grab the marinated vegetables to stuff our roast with, you groan. I can’t help but chuckle. This always was your favorite part.

Donning a latex glove and dipping it in oil, I begin working the meat’s holes open with my fingers. They resist a bit, but with a little effort, I have enough room to work. I grab a small onion and stuff it in, grunting from the exertion. Once in, there’s plenty of room for the garlic cloves and baby potatoes. One after another they go in, destined for greatness.


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