Swimming With The Girl Next Door – PART 2

As you sucked on my clit on the beach, you drove me over the edge. My orgasm was insane, and I squirted all over your face. You crawled up on top of me, kissing me. The taste of myself on your tongue was amazing. You slowly pressed the head of your cock into my tight, wet pussy. You were finally going to fuck the girl next door.

As you pushed further in, you moaned. Your wife was never this tight. You looked at my young face, which was twisting in pleasure as you pumped in and out of my pussy. I had to be at least 10 years younger than you. That excited you even more. My barely legal body was yours for the day.

As you fucked me, my nails ran across your back. You thought about your wife again, and hoped to god she wouldn’t notice the scratches. My moans brought you back to the present, where you felt your cock tensing up. You didn’t want this to be over quite yet, so you pulled out.

We switched places, and I crawled on top of you.

I grinded slowly against your cock, not quite yet putting it in. You looked up at my body, my head slightly eclipsing the sun from your vision. I looked like a fucking angel to you. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were at that moment.

Finally, I slid myself down onto your cock. We both moaned in unison, our bodies fitting together perfectly. I began riding you like you’ve never experienced before. My perfect body bouncing up and down on your perfect cock.

I leaned down and kissed you, still able to taste my cum on your tongue. I moved my kisses to your ear, where I began whispering and moaning about how I’ve wanted you since I moved in a year ago. I’ve masturbated to the thought of fucking you while your wife is gone, and now I’m finally getting the chance.

This drove you into a frenzy. You grabbed my ass and began slamming me down on your cock harder and harder. Biting my neck, leaving hickies and bite marks everywhere. You could feel yourself getting close. All you wanted was to cum deep inside me.

You heard my moans getting louder and louder, and as my orgasm began to squeeze around your cock, you began to cum, hard. 

As we climaxed together, we lay there, covered in sand and sweat. I stood up, cum dripping from my pussy, and ran to the water to cool off. You couldn’t believe that you had just fucked the girl next door. On a beach, nonetheless. You joined me in the water, thinking how we had to go “swimming” again.


Thank you for reading part 2 of my girl next door story!! If you haven’t yet, read part 1 here! If you want the hear the whole thing in my sexy voice (with some extra sexy details), purchase that here!

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