Swimming With The Girl Next Door – PART 1

You heard a knock on the door. You open it to see me, the girl next door, standing there in short denim shorts that barely cover my ass and a cute little cropped t shirt. I smile at you and ask if you want to go swimming with me. You are taken aback, as we’ve hardly held a conversation before, let alone done activities together. 

Your wife would definitely not be happy about you saying yes… but she was out of town for the weekend. And it has been a really hot summer. Swimming sounded nice. Plus, you wouldn’t mind seeing me and less clothing. So you nodded your head, saying that you just need to grab a towel and throw on some swim trunks.

I took you down to the lake, a spot I frequent. It’s secluded, far away from the road, and not many people know about it. I set up my stuff on the small sandy beach, laying out my towel and removing my t shirt and shorts. You’re surprised as you watch my strip the rest of the way down, until I’m completely naked.

“I honestly prefer skinny dipping,” I say, standing there completely nude in front of you.

Your jaw drops as your eyes explore my body. My bare pussy, my perky tits, they’re more amazing than you ever had imagined. And you had imagined… many times.

“Close your mouth, you’re gonna catch flies,” I giggled. I turned around and started to walk into the water. Your eyes are fixed on my ass now, which is perfect and bubbly. I gesture for you to join me, which snaps you out of your trance. You fumble with your pants, pulling them off. Your cock is already hard for me. You hurry into the water to hide it from me.

As we swim and chat, you can’t help but watch my small, perfect tits under the water. I catch you staring. “Do you want to just touch them already?” I smile and pull you over. You slowly run your hands down my chest and find my nipples, already hard for you.

Your gaze finds mine full of lust. I pull you in for a kiss, and you don’t fight it even for a second.

Our hands explore each other’s bodies. It doesn’t take me long for mine to wrap themselves around your rock hard cock. You moan as I start to jerk you off under the water. I pull you towards the shore, where I lay down on the towel. You quickly bury your face into my pussy, eating it like you’ve been starving for it for years. I moan and run my fingers through your hair, pulling your tongue deeper into my cunt. 


I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my girl next door story! Part 2 comes out on Friday, so come back to read that! If you can’t wait, I tell the whole thing in my audio blog. Purchase that here! If you want to read something similar to this, check out my love letter blog here!

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