Supernatural sex, when fae finally come together part two

Get ready for more of that delicious supernatural sex….

Ezra… I’m ready.” I finally forced out past the lump in my throat. The heavy emotion leaked through, and I let my soft golden orbs relay what I just couldn’t say in that moment. I love you, my fated mate.

He shifted his hips and in a flash he was inside me connecting us. My back arched as he filled me completely. My arms flung out and grabbed him, pulling him flush against my body. All my fears washed away, as the only thing that filled me besides him, was warmth, desire, and joy.

So I peeked up at him through my eye lashes, and saw his eyes boring into me. His movements were slow, gentle, methodical. Like he was prepared at any moment to stop if I gave any indication of discomfort. A mischievous thought speared my mind until I put it in motion. I reached up and dragged my sharp fae nails down the length of his back, drawing blood.

The gasp of shock and pain hit my ears and I give him the most innocent look I could muster. With a growl, he dug his hips deep, hitting me in a place I’ve never been hit before. With a gasp, my nails involuntarily digging into his lower back.

I leaned up and captured his lips with my own.

I was surrounded by him. His taste was in my mouth, his cock was speared inside of me, his arms wrapped around me. I was utterly consumed by my fated mate, and I let myself be. I was his, and he was mine. Urging him to keep going, I mewled into his mouth. Soft words of encouragement uttered under my breath, and against his lips.

He picked up the pace, sliding in and out of me with ease. My nipples hardened to rocks and scraped against his chest, adding pleasurable sparks to be sent down my spine until it reached my core. I crossed my ankles over his ass, and squeezed, forcing him even deeper into me. I cried out in pleasure, and Ezra propped himself up on hims hands.

He let one of his hands caress my throat and chest, teasing my flushed skin as he let the icy coolness of his magic graze my super heated flesh. We bonded on a different wavelength. A thin sheen of sweat could be seen on both of our bodies, and I noticed I was moving my hips in rhythm with his. When had I started doing that?

I look up into his piercing gaze to find nothing but love and pure wonder on his face.

You are the most exquisite fae on this whole blasted planet. I could watch you writhe beneath me for the rest of our lives.” He murmured. His words enveloped me, and added with the sensation of him plunging inside of me, I exploded. With a cry that could wake the dead, I came undone beneath him.

Ezra didn’t miss a beat, he wrapped an arm under me, and pulled us both up so he was kneeling on his knees, and I was sitting in his lap with my legs wrapped around him. My chest was flush against his, and I was barely registering what was happening as I was busy riding the high of my orgasm.

But he was working frantically. He was grinding up into the furthest reaches of me, his tip scraping against my cervix and eliciting a second and stronger explosion to hit me. I screamed as if I was being murdered, when in fact I was just having the best experience of my life. I wrapped my arms around his neck to hang on tight through the ride he has forced me to endure. But with a few quick movements, he finally stills and groans his own release.

The feel of his lava hot seed shooting inside of me sends me over an edge I thought I had already jumped from. But apparently not as I pass out from the final orgasm wracking my body.

So I wake up after who knows how long, draped over Ezra.

His fingertips were running over my sensitive spine, and I shivered in a strange pleasure. Our bond humming beneath my skin. His fingertips were replaced with the flat of his hand, and hit roamed up the length of my spine until his hand wrapped around the back of my neck, pulling me in for a deep kiss.

He was still inside of me, connected, and the kiss made his cock twitch from within. I let out a satisfied sigh against his lips and my eyes slowly open and his gorgeous face fills my vision. The tether between us solid and humming with both of our emotions. The mate bond strong between us at last.

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