Supernatural Fan Fiction – Tag-Teamed By The Winchester Brothers Part 2

This is my hot Supernatural fan fiction blog continued.

I’m dressed only in a tiny mini skirt and tank top because it had been my intention to get taken. Sam lifts up my skirt, revealing my black thong drenched in my juices. It’s crazy how wet they make me. Dean lets go of my hair only to tear open my tank top. Simultaneously Sam and Dean tear my bra and panties off of my body revealing my perky tits and shaved pussy. My naked body aches for their touch and their groping hands oblige.

My nipples get hard under Dean’s touch while my pussy continues to drip for Sam’s tongue. I squirm with the overwhelming sensations of both of them exploring my body. My back arches as Sam slides two fingers inside me, vibrating them against my g spot.

A whimper escapes from between my lips, but the only response I get is Dean’s tongue in my mouth. I can’t believe it, it’s my fantasy come true. His kiss is gruff and full of need. Our eyes lock and I know he won’t stop until he gets what he wants and neither will Sam. My hips buck uncontrollably as cum gushes out between Sam’s fingers.

My body almost sighs in relief at my orgasm. However, I know they aren’t finished with me just yet. I promised them I’d be a good girl and now it’s time I deliver.

Dean pushes me down to my knees and moves my mouth around Sam’s cock so that I can be a good cocksucker. “Get it as wet as you can.” He orders. “Because you’ll need it for what’s coming.”

My hungry mouth opens for Sam’s rock hard shaft.

I greedily lap up his precum while my right hand reaches for Dean’s pants. This is such a surreal moment for me because I’m getting exactly what I want. As my head bobs up and down, I pull Dean’s throbbing cock out. I glance sideways at it and once I see it, I can feel my juices start to run down my thighs. I want both of them inside me. Right here, right now.

After I’ve been gagging on Sam’s cock for long enough, Dean lifts me up into the air, facing him. It’s so insane how strong he is…for a human. Effortlessly he slams his hard cock into my pussy. I wrap my arms around his neck as he gives it to me hard, pushing deep inside me. Groaning loudly, my head lulls forward into his neck.

I feel Sam behind me and just that is almost enough to make me lose it. A little slower he eases his cock into my tight asshole and it hurts so good. I can feel both of them pumping inside me, filling me up. I push my hips back just a little, encouraging Sam to fuck me faster. Being double penetrated gives me such a warm feeling in my belly. Within minutes I’m cumming and screaming, throwing my head back.

I beg them both to take me, to fuck me harder. I want it, no, I need it faster and deeper.

The two of them tag-team me for what feels like forever of surreal heaven. The orgasms they give me are intense and explosive. I feel both of their cocks cum at the same time as I do.

Then I’m tied to the chair, naked and used. I look over at Dean. “Thanks for the cream pie,” I say with a smile.

He raises his eyebrows and tilts his chin to the side. “I love pie.” He says innocently. Then, he looks discouraged when he can’t find it.

“Well,” I say hopefully, “if you let me out, I’ll give you mine.”

He looks at me and smirks. “Nope.” He says, picking up his bottle and walking out. “Crazy bitch.” I hear him mutter from down the hall.


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