Supernatural Fan Fiction – Tag-Teamed By The Winchester Brothers Part 1

Tag teamed by Sam and Dean Winchester has always been one of my favorite fantasies. Well, truth be told, I’d love to do more with Dean. I feel like he’d be the kinkier of the two in bed.

I always imagined I was some kind of “monster” in this fantasy. Either a werewolf, vampire, demon or something else with a human shape. Either way, this is usually how my fantasy plays out in my head while I’m playing with my glistening pussy.

I’m trapped. Somehow. Held captive. Restrained in a chair under a Devil’s Trap. I can’t move because my wrists and ankles are held fast by silver shackles.

Sam and Dean circle around me with desire in their eyes. I can’t tell if it’s a lust for blood or something more…devient…they’ve got on their minds. The looks they give me send shivers down my spine and a tingle between my legs.

“How do you think you’ll get out of this one?” Dean demands with an insane glint in his eye. “We’ve been hunting you for a long time, but now we caught you. You’re ours now, bitch.”

“Come on.” I plead, giving them the most seductive look I can manage. “Let me out of here, huh? I’ll be a good girl. I promise. I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Good girl,” Dean repeats under his breath. However, it comes out more as a question than an echo.

As he says it, he grabs a large handful of my hair and yanks my head back. I cry out in surprise. “Well then, let’s see just how good you can be.”

“Dean. What are you doing?” Sam asks, trying to sound as though he isn’t fighting back his temptation.

“C’mon, Sam. Don’t you want in on this? I mean, look at her. She’s like a fantasy come true. We fought hellhounds to get her here.” He tears his gaze away from my eyes briefly to look at his brother. “Hellhounds, Sam. Freaking hounds from hell.”

Sam motions to Dean in a “calm down” gesture. “Yeah, I was there.”

Despite the impairment of the Trap, neither of them can resist my seductive stare. Their eyes fill with a lustful desire that only I can satisfy. 

Dean almost pouts at Sam. “Just for a little while? It won’t hurt nothin’.”

Sam looks at his brother, then back at me. His eyes gleam playfully. He scoffs in exasperation, but I can tell he’s undressing me with those lust-filled green eyes of his. “Alright, fine, but just for a little while.”

Sam reaches down and undoes my ankle restraints, his eyes drifting up my long legs so that he can get a good view up my skirt. While he does that, Dean yanks my head back. He gives me a hickey on my neck and I can feel his stubble skimming my soft skin. I let out a moan as he gives my hair another tug and his teeth start scraping my flesh. I couldn’t believe this is happening, it is all so surreal. He undoes my wrist restraints one-handed. Once removed from my bondage, his hand moves straight to one of my breasts. His fingers grope it as his other hand tightens in my hair. I can feel the crazy need in his hands.


To Be Continued…

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