Sugar Sex Kitten Meets Her New Hot Sugar Daddy Part Two

“Do you see this? Your new job is to take care of this every fucking day. You’re my sweet pet, and under those circumstances, you cater to this cock like a good little sugar sex kitten. Got it?” Mr. Doe growled.“Of course, Mr. Doe.” I gasped. Mr. Doe cleared his throat. 

“And another thing. It’s John. When we get to your place, pack a bag. You’re staying at my home for the weekend.” I nodded and reached over to him, placing my hand on his bulge.  

“If this is mine to take care of, I better get to work, straightaway.”

 His zipper practically burst open as soon as I touched it.

Waiting for me was a beautiful and thick 8 ½ inches with a pretty mushroom tip. I took the thick shaft in my hand at first. Loving the feeling of his cock throbbing and seeing a small bead of precum glisten from its tip. I impulsively had to go in for a taste. My tongue was tracing his mushroom tip, with attention to his salty-sweet juice. John groaned and bucked his hips. His cock went further into my mouth when I wasn’t ready. I gagged at first.

Tightening my grip on his cock. I looked up at him while he was driving. His eyes glancing at mine as I spat on his cock and took it all in my mouth. I gagged as I let him throat fuck me. My pussy was soaked and jealous. Throbbing in sync every time his cock slid deep into my throat. John was slowly pulling out, allowing only his tip to be my mouth just enough for me to gasp for breath now and then. His hands grabbed my hair after he parked, and he pulled me up from his cock. 

“Sit up and jump on this fucking dick, kitten.”

He roared, immediately forcing the driver seat back to give me riding room.
I sat up, and he took me, his pet. My skirt pulled up as he grabbed my hips and turned me to face him. John sat me right on that hard, fat, fucking cock. He could feel how wet my pussy was. I bet he could even feel my pussy throb as his tip sat right on my clit since only my lace thong was in between them.

His nostrils flared, and he looked me in the eyes while yanking me closer.

“What the fuck is this? My sex kitten will be available at all times. I will take it when I want it because this pussy is mine. No more fucking panties.” I nodded as he tore my panties off, then I almost screamed when that huge cock was thrust into me.
“John! Fuck you’re so big!” I moaned while he pulled me closer. I growled like a fucking animal when John plunged deeper inside of me. My head felt fuzzy because I couldn’t catch my breath.
“John! John! I’m going to cum. Oh, fuck I’m going to cum all over your cock.”
John groaned, and I could feel him tense from underneath me. I knew he was ready now. 

“Cum inside me! I need to be filled with your sweet load! Please!” I begged. 

Suddenly, his lips crashed into mine, and I kissed him hard while we came. His hot juices exploded into me while my pussy gushed right back. My legs were shaking while I was attempting to catch my breath. John’s cock was plugging all of our cum inside me. I want to feel like his sensual kitten every day. We kissed once more as I opened the driver’s door and slowly got out. I bent over and cleaned off our sticky mess from his cock with my tongue. I gave him one last sweet kiss to taste the juices we made together. 

“I’ll be back with my bag,” I whispered sweetly, out of breath.

I started walking towards my front door, without delay.  My legs were shaking as I felt our cum dripping from my now raw pussy and running down my leg. Obviously, I knew, I could definitely get used to this.


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