Submissive Girlfriend – My Valentine’s Day Gift To My Sir Part 2

Where we left off, your good submissive girlfriend was on the bed waiting for you.

Inside the lid of the box, you saw an arrow pointing to the closet. When you opened it, you saw a variety of lingerie and costumes. Some of them were cliche and others you hadn’t seen before.

You picked out your favorite outfit and ordered me to put it on. Obediently, I crawled off the bed and slipped into your outfit of choice. I knew why you bothered to pick out my clothes for me. It was a way for you to assert your dominance and take control. Though, it was also because you liked watching me strip for you.

And, what a stripper girl I was for you, too. I slid my hands all over my body, stopping at key points (my ass, my perky tits) before I rubbed my pussy just a little to finish off your tease. Not enough to get a moan out of me. No, I did it for your benefit, not my own. I was usually pretty good about knowing when I could be bratty and tease you and when you were close to giving me a severe punishment.

So, when you spun me around, put your hand on the top of my head, and pushed down, I knew what you wanted. Just to add emphasis, you uttered “spread” in a commanding voice.

Like a good girl, I reached back and spread my pussy lips apart for you.

Because I was already so wet, your cock slipped inside my tight fuck hole with no resistance.

My eyes closed so I could focus on the feel of you. I was so overcome with pleasure from your thrusting cock that I didn’t even know I was being blindfolded until the material touched my eyes.

Without warning, I felt your hand smack hard on my ass. The sting tore a cry from my lips and that made you fuck me harder. You spanked me again and you grunted when my pussy tightened around you from the impact. My back arched so that you had easier access to my ass. Again and again, you spanked me. My ass tingled and felt hot. I knew you left some bright red handprints there.

I was begging for you to let me cum before I could stop myself. “Please, please, Sir, may I cum?”

Your only response was your cock pushing harder and deeper into my pussy. I was screaming a plea for release. My body quivered from the effort of my restraint. I wanted so badly to surrender to my orgasm. “I’ve been such a good girl for you, please, Sir. I…I…need to cum. Please?!”

Your hand wrapped around my throat and you pulled my ear close to your mouth. “Cum. Now!”

Your words were growls and the second I let my body submit to my climax, I could feel you responding in kind. Cum was dripping down my thighs and I could barely stand up. Your knees nearly buckled so you pushed us both forward. I landed on the bed on my side and as you collapsed beside me, you rolled a little so you didn’t fall directly on top of me.

Your arm wrapped around me and you held me close. We lay there breathing heavily for several minutes not saying a word.

Then, you squeezed me gently. “I’m not done with you yet.” You tell me in a hoarse whisper. “There are toys in that box I haven’t even touched yet.”

I smiled. “Yes, Sir,” I said in a quiet voice. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Master.”

You gave my ass a little pat before getting off the bed. I heard a buzzing sound, but I was still blindfolded so I couldn’t tell exactly what it was. “Happy Valentine’s Day, girl.”


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