Submissive Girlfriend – My Valentine’s Day Gift To My Sir Part 1

Submissive girlfriend and the gift I would love to give to my Sir if I got the chance.

It was Valentine’s Day. I wanted everything to be perfect. So, while you were in your home office at work I spent my whole day trying to make this day special for you. 

I made sure you woke up to the smell of coffee. So I got up early, made it, and put it on the nightstand. Just the way you like it. The coffee was hot, but not burning, and it was made to your exact specifications.

And when you came into the kitchen I had breakfast waiting on the dining room table.

It was still so fresh and hot. You smiled and gave me a kiss on my forehead to show your thanks and appreciation.

As you worked at your desk I brought you another cup of coffee so you could be alert for the day ahead.

Throughout the day I detail cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. I did all the laundry. All the dishes. Your clothes were folded or hung up. The house smelled faintly of your favorite incense.

When lunchtime came around I brought you a home-cooked, sizzling platter. I also periodically went into your office to check on you. See if you needed anything. When you were tense I rubbed your back. When that wasn’t enough I gave you the best blow job I could because I love to submit to your cock. My tongue swirled around your head and I happily lapped up any precum you had. My eyes looked directly up at you while I slid my hot, wet mouth up and down your length. I loved the way you thrust your hips, pushing your cock deeper into my mouth. It lets me know how well I’m doing. And, I wanted to do the best for you.

I bobbed my head up and down, keeping my gaze on you.

My tongue stuck out so it could lick your balls every time I went down and it could tease your head whenever I came up. Your cock pushed into the back of my throat and I eagerly gagged on it. I wanted to please you, to make you feel good. Your cum was what I wanted. I wanted to feel it shooting into my mouth. And, that was what I got. Your hot load shot into my mouth and I swallowed every drop like a good submissive girl.

Then it was time for you to get off work. When you went into the bedroom you were met by the sight of me. My face buried in the mattress. You could see my sweet pussy, wet and waiting for your rock hard cock. I lifted my hips off the bed so you could get a good long look at it.

I looked back at you with a knowing smile. Your cock was already starting to pulse and twitch as it grew. The bulge in your pants was unmistakable.

But, you glared back at me.

You were pissed because I looked at you without permission. Anytime I was in “the position” it meant I was supposed to be submissive, that I was supposed to submit to you. The fact that I was looking at you out of turn made your eyes narrow.

I knew that look all too well. It was the look that threatened a good time. As soon as our eyes locked, I knew I was in deep shit and that knowledge made me start to drip.

Next to the bed, I left you a box with a note atop it. The note read: Please open me, Sir? Because it was a request and not presumptuous, you obliged. Inside the toybox, you found a wide assortment of implements to use on me in any way you saw fit. Upon taking inventory, you noticed a few things that interested you. I could hear the gears in your head turning and I knew that meant trouble for me.


To Be Continued…


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