Submissive Babysitter, Aria Gets Special Tip From Ms. Kat Part 2

As I unlocked the door in the basement, I said, “You, my submissive babysitter, are going to get a very nice surprise. I think this will be your payment for taking care of my daughter tonight.” Then I opened the door wide and pushed her forward into my dungeon room. Aria gasp as she saw my spanking bench, fuck-machine, various nipple clamps, vibrators, dildos, strap ons, paddles, floggers, and a couple of whips. “Now, I think a little punishment before the pleasure, my dear,” I said whispering in her ear. Then I grabbed her firmly by the shoulders and steered her over to the spanking bench. Before she could quite comprehend what was happening, I had her bent over the padded top.

Aria only started to struggle as I shackled her wrists to the front legs. “Now, now, my dear, this will happen whether you want it or not. Behave!” I said firmly as I finished securing her ankles to the back legs. “Please, Ms. Katrina, I’m sorry. I won’t ever do that again. I promise.” Aria said begging. “Oh, I know you won’t do it again because I’m going to teach you a lesson tonight. Maybe it will be a lesson you will want to have again in the future considering the video you were watching,” I said in a teasingly seductive voice. She gasped and said, “Oh no, you saw that!”

I laughed as I came up behind her and started to spank her pretty, tight ass cheeks.

Once my obedient au pair’s ass was a nice shade of red, I unshackled her from the bench. Aria was relieved thinking that it was all over, but she was wrong. In her woozy state, I led her over to my fuck-machine. It was even easier to get her shackled in place on all fours to the fuck machine. Once I had her secured, I grabbed a set of clamps attached by chains. I put a clamp on each of her hard nipples and one on her swollen clit. Aria squealed as I put on each clamp, especially the one on her clit. Then I put a vibrating dildo onto my fuck machine and adjusted it to be able to fully penetrate Aria. I eased it up to her smooth, tight pussy and turned on the vibration. It was vibrating on her clamped clit and hot, wet fuck hole.

Soon, with the little bit of movement allowed, Aria was horny again and trying to back up on that vibrating dildo. “Do you want it, Aria? Do you want to be fucked like a little slut by this machine?” I said to her teasingly. “Oh, yes, please Ms. Kat. I really, really want to cum,” she said begging yet again. I leaned down looking into those beautiful blue eyes and yanked on the chain connecting the clamps. She moaned out loudly. “Do you still want it?” I said and she said, “Yes, please.” With my remote, I started the machine. I only allowed it to go in and out about two inches, slowly. Then I yanked on the chain again.

Aria needed to feel some pain with her pleasure.

Then my submissive babysitter begged for more. I continued to tease her by only allowing another two inches, still slowly. I enjoyed her begging. Aria was sweating and shaking with need. I knew that she was primed for an orgasm. I wanted it to be an intense orgasm. “Oh my, I am really enjoying having you in this position,” I said with obvious lust. As she looked up, I lifted my skirt and showed Aria my drenched panties. Then I pulled up a chair, slipped off my panties, spread my legs, and started to masturbate right in front of Aria. I started to increase the speed and depth as I got hotter. As I came, I turned the machine up to full fucking speed and depth. Aria came moments after me and her pussy exploded squirting all over.

As I unshackled Aria and helped her off my fuck machine, I said, “I’m going to have to have you babysit for us more often now. However, you’re going to have to stay out of my bedroom. If you continue to be a good caregiver to my daughter, I guarantee you that you will get to experience more with me and maybe some of my guy friends down here in my dungeon room.” Aria was a little shaky but smiled and said, “Yes, please, Ms. Kat. I’ll be the best submissive babysitter for you anytime you want me.” Exactly what I wanted to hear.

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