Submissive Babysitter, Aria Gets Special Tip From Ms. Kat Part 1

I got my daughter’s favorite obedient babysitter, Aria, for my first date in a long time. My daughter loved it when Aria came over to visit. It’s never easy to get back into the dating pool. However, it’s great to have somebody you can trust to watch your child. We both trusted and loved Aria.

So, I left for my evening out without a care in the world. Unfortunately, my date turned out to be a huge dud. He was nice enough to me. We had a lovely dinner, but no real chemistry. I had thought that I would be out late. The hope was for a little kinky action, but I ended up heading home much earlier than anticipated.

I drove into the garage and entered through the kitchen expecting to see Aria, my passive au pair watching TV or on her tablet in the living room. She was not in the living room, but I heard sounds coming from upstairs. I thought it was a little strange since it was already past my daughter’s bedtime. I realized that I was hearing sex sounds as I walked quietly up the stairs.

So, I stopped by my daughter’s door and opened it to check. My daughter was sound asleep in her bed. “So, who is in my bedroom with Aria?” I thought to myself. Now, I was a little angry, but curious too. I moved down the hallway quietly to my open bedroom door. From the sounds, I expected to see Aria and a guy.

I did not see what I expected to see.

My passive caregiver was completely naked on my bed. She was watching some extreme fetish porn on my laptop. Sweet, innocent-seeming Aria was using my vibrating dildo in her smooth, tight pussy. I was in shock initially. She did not even notice me standing in the doorway. She was watching a BDSM video. I thought it was way too kinky for such a seemingly innocent girl.

Perhaps my dud of a date was a blessing in disguise. Aria did not know, could not know, that I was a very kinky lady. Yes, she had found my normal, everyday sex toys, but did not know about my dungeon in the basement. I was getting hot watching her masturbate to BDSM porn. “What would she do if I got her down in my dungeon?” I thought to myself. So, I would think that this activity in my own bedroom would deserve a little special punishment.

I decided that my submissive babysitter would get a special tip tonight. Also, I would get the kinky, sexual satisfaction that was lacking in my date. Since Aria still had not noticed me in the doorway, I quietly entered my bedroom. At just the right moment, I coughed and said, “So, this is what you do when my daughter is in bed!” It shocked Aria and she stopped masturbating.

She stuttered and sputtered a bit knowing there was no way she could spin the situation to make it look any other way.

Then I grabbed Aria by the wrists and yanked her slender body off my bed. “I am going to have to punish you for your misbehavior,” I said seductively and her eyes widened in shock and surprise. “I see that you get all hot and bothered watching a woman being dominated. Well, now you are going to get a little firsthand experience.” I said in a firm but seductive voice. “I … Ms. Katrina … I am sorry, please,” Aria said pleading. “Shh, Aria, I would be very upset if you wake my daughter,” I said quietly as I half dragged and walked her down the hallway completely naked, “The real sexual fun in this house happens in the basement. I am sure you have found my locked room in the basement. This is the only key,” I said as I lifted my necklace up to show the key.

Part 2 coming in 2 days!

Submissive Babysitter, Aria Gets Special Tip From Ms. Kat Part 2

If you don’t want to wait to find out what is going to happen next, you can check out my audio blog Submissive Babysitter, Aria Gets Special Tip From Ms. Kat Parts 1 & 2!

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