Submission Sex Fantasy – Earning My Collar – Part 2

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After a few thrusts, I couldn’t help it anymore and instantly came as the dildo filled my juicy cunt.

Mr. Marine grabbed me by the side of my head and shoved his cock into my throat. “Ahhhhh,” I opened wide trying to be a good girl. Gagging and gurgling, suffocating on his cock. The massive log was throbbing as it slid down my throat, deeper and deeper. I was forced to choose between breath and his cock, I chose his cock.

“That’s a good girl Raven, take all of it,” I couldn’t get enough.

Thick spit ran down my neck, and dripped from my titties. Mr. Marine reached down and grabbed each nipple with his index finger and thumb. He squeezed as he pushed me back down on the dildo, causing my cunt to throb harder. He pulled out to let me take a deep breath, grabbed me by the back of my head and fucked my face as hard as he could.

Using the edge of the bed as a balance beam, he did a squat down onto my face.

Finally, I let my body give in, and accept every inch of his cock. That was the key, true submission. I couldn’t just act like I was giving him my body, I had to prove every inch of me was his.  It sounded exactly the way you would think, gagging and gasping. Finally, Mr. Marine stopped and pushed his cock back just a little further and released a massive load of cum into my throat.

After he was done, he walked over and lit a cigarette.

After a few drags, he placed it to my lips. As I inhaled, the sharp sting of smoke cleared my head. Mr. Marine allowed me a few more drags before putting it out. Without skipping a beat he was down on one knee, and using two fingers to play with my clit. He slid three, then four fingers into my sensitive cunt causing me to moan out, louder than before.

With the other hand he basically held me up by the back of my neck.

After he felt I couldn’t cum even a drop harder, he uncuffed my wrists and threw me back on the bed. Finally, Mr. Marine wiped his cock off on my panties and put that necklace on me. “From now on, you will call me Sir,” he gazed deeply into my soul. “Yes Sir,” I replied. He pushed me backwards and told me to clean myself up while he went and got a drink.

I laid under his silky sheets for a while, spit and cum covered.

I must have fallen asleep admiring my gifts, because when I awoke Mr. Marine was fast asleep next to me. Quickly, I got my stuff together and slipped out the front, leaving a fun little note next to a picture of me wearing the cum covered panties, and collar.

“Until our next meeting, Sir.” With a heart and a kiss.

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