Submission Sex Fantasy – Earning My Collar – Part 1

It has been so chilly out lately, and all I wanted to do is stay inside by the fire place. The other night my phone rang and when I looked down to my surprise it was Mr. Marine. A submission sex fantasy was not on my mind for the evening. Apparently during our last adventure, he had taken my phone and put his number in the contacts with a big fat picture of his cock. “Hello beautiful,” I heard from the other end of the phone.

Instantly I smiled, and my face turned as pink as my tight little cunt.

We spent a few minutes flirting back and forth when, finally he asked me over for dinner. A few hours later, I was knocking on his door, looking better than the main entrée. He invited me in, and to my surprise a candle lit dinner was prepared.

As we sat down to eat, he handed me a small necklace box.

My second surprise, was a gorgeous infinity collar. It was a nice gift but I was going to have to earn it, little did I know with a submission sex fantasy. I accepted the necklace but he informed me I could only wear it once it was earned.  He leaned in and wrapped his hand around my throat. I gasped for air, and before I could moan, he slid his tongue into my throat.

My cunt felt instantly wet, and before I knew it, he had his fingers deep inside my pussy.

He was the only man who could hit that sweet spot with his fingers alone. We made out and he finger fucked my cunt for a few minutes. He loved to make me squirm under his weight. During one moment where I was allowed to catch my breath, Mr. Marine stopped everything he was doing and gave me the evilest look I had ever seen.

He stood up, grabbed my arm, and threw me over his shoulder. Of course, he made his way towards the bedroom.

Mr. Marine threw me on the bed and ripped my panties off my ass. It was such a shame because they were my favorite (and are for sale). He hopped onto the bed, threw my legs over his shoulders, put me on my neck like a pile driver, and drove his massive cock into my cunt.

His cock was deeper than any cock I’ve ever had inside me, and I’ve fucked a ton of black guys.

He pounded me harder and harder, “Such a good girl, Raven.” I squirted so hard it was like a waterfall back on to my own face. He pulled his cock out and drug me to the floor. Mr. Marine placed cuffs on my wrists, and hooked me to the end of the bed, just like in his submission sex fantasy. He sat me down with force on a massive dildo that was waiting for me.

I rotated between stuffing a massive dildo inside my cunt and a huge cock inside my mouth.

Of course you naughty boys and girls enjoyed reading part one of my Submission Sex Fantasy. Cum back on Friday to read part two! If you are as dirty as me and can’t wait, you can purchase my naughty audio blog, there are always extra details.  Don’t forget I am starting to build my collection, so check out another one of my naughty adventures.

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