Stuffie and Me adventures. part-2

Grinding my hips back and forth slowly on my stuffie. I wanted to feel his fur on my pussy lips. Sliding back to the time I had already been rubbing him against me probably a year when my hormones first made me tingle. This time I had done something new. I’d seen a movie where the woman was on top of the man rubbing against him. I wanted to try that with my stuffie. He was always such a gentleman when I played with him. Laying him down on the bed I had taken off all my clothes after locking my door. Oh Rupert you are such a good kisser I had said as I leaned down and laid a kiss on him. His fur tickled my nose but I was ready for it to tickle something else. Giggling to myself I quickly moved so I was straddling him. I started to rock but I didn’t really feel much not really to exciting at all.

Groaning in frustration I looked down at him pressed up against me and see his hard little nose. It gave me an idea. I spread my lips apart and made sure his little hard nose was pressed up close to the area that tingled the most. 

I could feel I was a little wet from rubbing against him earlier and rubbed some of it all over so it would be more slippery. Doing this I then straddled my stuffie again and mmm it was the perfect mix. I didn’t even realize it could feel this good to move. I was rocking my hips so quick I came so hard it was the first time I made real noises. Oh wow How exciting and Rupert was soaked poor guy. I picked him up and kissed him tasting myself on my lips as I laid my excited lips on him again and again for being so helpful. 

Thinking back to that time I start to rock back and forth. Flashing back and forth to my body now and then. Feeling my huge full breast in my hand. Pinching my nipple extending it as I moan. Edging myself on my stuffie. That little nose oh how it felt so good being rubbed back and forth against my swollen clit. I start to let out little gasps as I feel myself start to already get small spasms down my leg. Thinking back to how violent my first orgasm like this was I feel everything in me tighten. Rocking my hips back and forth faster feeling his fur rubbing against me again and again I can’t take it anymore. I cum so hard I cry out Rupert as I spasm on top of him.

Grabbing my breasts and playing with my nipples I cum hard and fast rocking back and forth like crazy against him. Leaning down onto my elbows trying to catch my breath after I smile. I may have been expecting a hard cock tonight but Rupert never let her down when it came to orgasms. 

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 of my naughty school girl story. Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to hear how detention went. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio blog where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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