I’m laying in bed right now cuddled in the blankets and pillow and stuffie and so wet I can’t take it anymore. I’m exhausted and overheated with the AC on the fritz but the throbbing between my legs was begging to be taken care of. I’d taken a mood enhancer or you could say stimulant an hour ago and had just received a text canceling my prearranged playtime. Ugh I can’t take this anymore. Reaching under my pillow I grasp for my many times used dildo. Instead though my fingers wrapped around a fuzzy texture I pulled out from under instead. It was my favorite stuffie! Oh I loved Rupert and the ways we would play. You see I have a very active imagination. 

Pressing my nose to his fake fuzzy fur I sniff deeply

trying to see if he still had the smell of me on him. I don’t know how many times I would straddle him between my knees and relax down. Grinding myself against him so that he’d rub against my clit. I had to wash him at least once a week when my hormones first took over. 

Sliding my fingers down over my stomach I part my thighs.

I could feel them nearly peel apart it was so hot. I had the window open but only the smallest breeze came through to cool my naked body. As I slid my hand down cupping my pussy in my palm a small gasp escaped. Damn I was soaked as I sniffed my stuffie again rubbing his fur against my face. Sliding a finger between my lips I moaned deeply turning my head into my stuffie and biting him down between my teeth. I can’t believe how wet I am as I slid a finger into me. Smelling myself on him I flash back to another time. Remembering times when I was young.

Times I’d pretend he was real and going down on me.

I didn’t know exactly what was supposed to be happening but it felt so good when I’d rub him between my legs. What an amazing feeling as I’d start to tingle everywhere. I’d beg him to never stop. Slowly I slide him down over me, his soft fur tickling over my nipples and then down my stomach. I shiver at the flashbacks. It had been way too long since I played with my stuffie. I moan as I press him against my swollen lips. The sound coming from deep as I shift my hips pressing him tighter against me. As I feel him press against me my clit brushing up against him I think of the very first time I had edged myself on him. Shifting on the bed I get up onto my knees. This whole movement came fluid to me now after so many times in the past. I was able to keep him pressed tight against me just using my thighs as I moved. He was under me pressing up against my spread lips. I remember so many times before.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 of me playing with Rupert . Make sure to come back for part 2 on Sunday to hear how detention went. If you just can’t wait until Sunday to hear the conclusion you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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