Student/ Teacher Fantasy: Getting An A+ On More Than My Grades – Part 1

I was failing math badly. No matter how hard I studied I was just not getting it and it didn’t help that my math teacher was, in my opinion, the hottest guy in the school. As a matter of fact, I would often daydream about my Student/ Teacher fantasy. I would imagine him taking me on the desk in his office instead of listening to his lessons he was teaching. Ugh I better figure out a way to pass this course otherwise I can kiss going to college good bye.

Luckily math was my last subject and I could sit at my desk and take extra time to finish the lesson for the day. Today after school, as I was trying to finish my lesson, I was growing more and more frustrated with how complicated the equations were. After a while, I looked up from my paper and I could see Mr. Scott in his office at his desk grading some papers. Maybe he could have an idea how I could make this gibberish make sense.

My thoughts trailed again to how tight his dress shirt was.

The fabric stretched against the muscles on his arms, he definitely works out. He is a gorgeous man. His silky dark hair and square jaw line are made from perfection. Mmmmm! How his slacks hug his ass so perfectly. I find myself biting my lower lip as I keep admiring Mr. Scott’s sexy body. My pussy started to ache and my panties get wet. I was really enjoying my student/ Teacher fantasy as well as the effect it was having on me. Holly snap out of it, I shake the thoughts from my head. I close my book and pack up my things. From there I decided to talk to Mr. Scott on ideas to some how get better grades.


I knock on his door “ Mr. Scott, Do you have a minute?” Mr. Scott looks up from his papers and replies “ Yes Holly, come on in and have a seat” I promptly do as I’m told. I continue on, “ I’m really not doing well in this class and I’m wondering if there is a way I can try to get a better grade” He leans back into his chair and looks at me while pondering my question. Nearly drooling on myself, I can’t help but notice how big his pecks are and how his shirt is so taught over his chest. I would love to unbutton that shirt while I stick my hands under and feel his ripped body.

My pussy starts to ache again and my panties are soaking through to my jeans.

“Holly? Holly?” I’m pulled back to reality.

“Oh, I uh, sorry I didn’t hear what you said Mr. Scott”

“I said you can get a tutor Holly, but I may have another option in mind.” He looks at me like a lion would look at a little gazelle and I can feel my pussy get really hot and wet. My nipples go hard under my tank top. “ I have noticed lately the way you look at me when I am teaching the class.”

My cheeks flush with embarrassment and I look down to my shoes while shuffling my feet back and forth. “Don’t be embarrassed Holly I have noticed you, too.” I look up at him in disbelief “Yes I have, I’m thinking I can give you some one on one lessons after school” He said deviously.

I bite my lower lip and smile slightly. “ Can our first lesson be right now so that we can get started?” I ask him.

He smiles and leans back in his chair again. “ mmmmm, Yes Holly it can be”

I stand up from my chair and then I run my pointer finger along the front of Mr. Scott’s desk. As I walk around to the side of the desk, to where he is sitting in his chair, I bend over him and get close to his mouth then I whisper “I’m going to work really hard Mr. Scott.” To demonstrate, I passionately kiss his mouth.


I hope you have enjoyed my student/ Teacher fantasy. Make sure you check out the conclusion on Wednesday. If you can’t wait to hear the end you can purchase my audio and hear this story and all its naughty details.


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