Helping her to her feet we made our way out of the cave.

That was when we heard the Huge Beast returning.  We ran as fast as we could toward the deep part of the woods close to my house.  I think he heard us but I was too afraid to turn to look if he was following.  We kept running until we broke out of the woods and sprinted across my yard and into the house.  Slamming and locking the door we both sank down to the floor.  We then heard him on the porch growling and stomping trying to find a way in.

The Huge Beast tried the door and then the windows.  We didn’t make a sound.  Soon we heard him leave and it was only then that we both took a breath.  I looked at the girl and asked her if she was alright.  She told me he had grabbed her 2 weeks ago and took her into the woods and has been fucking her and dragging her around ever since.  She then hugged me and thanked me for saving her.  I asked her if she wanted to get cleaned up, she appeared to be about the same size as me and I told her she could have some of my clothes if she wanted.

I showed her to the bathroom and told her where everything was and went to leave her some privacy.

Grabbing my wrist she asked me to stay she did not want to be alone.  I said okay and then she proceeded to get undressed I turned to fill the tub with water.  I poured in some scented bubble bath.  When the tub was full and steaming she stepped in and started to relax.  The water was up to her neck .  I busied myself getting some towels out and then I heard her ask me to join her.  Turning I looked at her with a question in my eyes.  Again she asked me to join her she wanted the company and to show her gratitude for saving her from the huge beast.

Stripping out of my clothes I stepped into the steamy water and sat down at the opposite end of the tub.

We both relaxed and started talking.  As she was telling me what it was like with the huge beast man I slowly found myself rubbing her foot and washing her leg.  She continued to tell me about how big his cock was and what it felt like when he would push it into her pussy.  He never gave her a chance to get ready for him he just slammed it into her pussy and kept pumping and pumping until he finished.  She told me it was so painful at first but she was starting to get used to it.

I could not believe I was actually getting turned on by hearing her talk about this huge beast thing ravaging her!

She stopped talking for a minute and looked at me.  A slow smile spread across her face and she asked me if I was getting hot for this  huge beast?  Adamantly trying to deny it she started to snicker a little.  It’s okay, I understand!  At first I was very excited about it also, but he is just too demanding for one person.  However if we both went back we could keep him busy and both get satisfied.  His cock is so big and as crazy as it sounds, I don’t think I would ever be satisfied by a regular sized cock again.

Leaning toward me she started to kiss me.

The water sloshed out of the tub as she laid her naked body against mine and started rubbing it up and down.  Wouldn’t it be great for all of us to be together!  You and I could play all the time and then when the massive monster is around he could come to join us.  Her hands slowly slid down my body to the junction at my legs.

Oh God she found my honey pot!  Rubbing her fingers against my clit and then sliding them down further she dove them into my cunt as far as she could and then started to wiggle them.  She had me squirming and bucking and I knew we better get out of the tub before all the water was on the floor.  We dried each other off and then went to my bedroom and lied down on the bed.

She kneeled over me and leaned down to suck one of my tits into her mouth.

It felt so good!  I have been having a dry spell and have not had any sex for quite a while.  As she continued to suckle my breasts her fingers found my pussy and started to rub and slide in and out of my juicy hole.  It wasn’t long before she had me climaxing and screaming as I squirted all over her hand.  I then heard it!  The splintering of wood as my door crashed in!  I jumped up and started to tremble!  To my disbelief the girl I just rescued sat there on the bed with a big grin on her face!  HIDE! I whispered!  It’s no use, he will find us where ever we are.  She stated.

You know he is part animal don’t you?

With that the bedroom door cashed open and there he stood!  But it was not the hairy huge beast that I remembered from the woods.  No this was a huge man, close to 7 foot tall and very muscular.  He was good looking and was wearing jeans and a tee shirt.  Standing there with my mouth hanging open I had no idea what was happening.  He walked over to the girl on the bed and sat down beside her giving her a big kiss.

What took you so long, she said as she hit him on the arm.

I wanted to get a quick shower and clean up before I came over for the party.  With that I looked at both of them and demanded to know what was going on.  Long story short, they were a married couple and loved to play out fantasies and I got caught in the middle of one.

After finishing off a bottle of wine we all decided to finish the fantasy and have some fun.

Starting in the living room and then progressing up to the bedroom.  I can tell you that everyone was satisfied and totally drained by the time the sun came up in the morning.  And by the way this guy was so huge it would literally take your breath away!


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