Stuck in the Middle of a Sexual Fantasy with a Huge Beast

Massive monsters and living in the country.  Sometimes it is great however there are also some drawbacks!  Wait, let me explain.  Where I live there are several acres of woods that go with the house and then it backs up to state game lands.  I love walking through the woods and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Sometimes though it can be too quiet!

It was springtime, just starting to get warm out and I enjoyed sitting out on my patio in the evenings enjoying a drink.  However, the past couple of evenings there have been some very strange noises coming from the woods.  Sometimes it would sound like someone running and snapping tree branches and other times you would hear screams.

Truth be told I also heard what I thought sounded like the throws of passion complete with the scream of an orgasm.

Tonight was no different.  I heard some grunting and animal growls from what seemed to be a huge beast.  Then the running would continue to be completed with the moaning and groaning and then the scream of passion.  As I listened to this each and every evening it would get me so hot and horny I would end up with my hands down my pants playing with my pussy.

Tomorrow, I vowed! Tomorrow I am going to go for a walk down in the woods and find out what is going on.  It might just be the animals but I swear the moans and groans sounded human like.  Who knows, maybe I will get lucky!  Deciding on this coarse of action I decided to go in and finish what I started.  I went back to my bedroom stripped down and got my vibrator out.  Lying down on the bed I pushed a plump pillow under my ass and spread my legs.  Turning the vibrator on I placed it right on my clit and started to enjoy the vibration and sensations it sent through my body.  Thrusting my hips up to get better penetration it didn’t take long before my body started to quiver and the building sensations started traveling down from my core to my pussy.

As I exploded and started cuming  I heard something at my window.

Glancing over I saw the definite shine of 2 eyes near the top of my window.  Jerking up I ran to the window to see who or what it was, but there was nobody there by the time I reached the window.  Shrugging my shoulders I just figure the neighborhood boys that live 2 miles down the road just got an eye full.  I never thought it could be a massive monster.

The next day when I was getting ready to go exploring in the woods I walked past my window in the bedroom and glanced out.  There was a big sweat smear at the top of the window where I saw the eyes and upon further investigation there was what appeared to be several long hairs stuck to the window also.  Dismissing it I returned to packing a small back pack to take into the woods with me because I decided to make it an all day hike.

Leaving the house around 9 am I carefully locked the house and started into the woods.

Walking in the direction that I would hear the noises coming from I soon found myself deep in the woods.  It was so quiet and peaceful but I could not shake the feeling that I was being watched.  After hiking for about another hour I came to a small clearing.  The clearing was really nice, tall soft meadow grass with the sun shining down through the trees and over to the right was a small stream.  Deciding this would be a great place to rest and have a bite to eat I found an old log and sat down to rest a bit.

As I was reaching in my back pack for a sandwich I heard it!

Footsteps, heavy footsteps from what seemed to be a huge beast.  They were approaching from the woods.  Freezing, I quickly crouched down behind the log.  Then I saw it!   A huge beast like man walking out of the woods.  He must have been about 7 foot tall and was very hairy.  He had some jeans on but they were very tattered and falling apart.  Shaking I tried to make myself as small as possible so he would not see me.

It was then that I saw he was dragging a rope behind him and tied to the rope was a girl about 25 years old.

She was very dirty, scared and in tattered clothes.  He drug her over to the stream and sat her down.  He carefully scooped up some water and put it to her lips.  She drank and drank and could not get enough!  Putting her face down to the water she sucked in huge gulps of water until she was satisfied.  As she was drinking I saw the  huge beast man start to rub his cock.

It was growing to a massive size!

The poor girl had no idea what he was doing, she was on all fours leaning down drinking with her ass up in the air.  Suddenly he was upon her.  She screamed as he slammed his huge cock into her pussy!  She would have fallen into the water if he had not grabbed her hips.  He fucked her hard and fast!  She was screaming and crying and his cock was so huge I had no idea how she could take it.

Finally huge beast screamed out and threw his head back and shot his huge load of cum.

It went all over the girl, in her and on her for what seemed to take forever until he was drained! He dropped her and she collapsed into a heap by the stream.  Crying and whimpering she just laid there.  After a few minutes the beast pulled his tattered pants up and started walking away, dragging the poor girl behind him!

I had to help her!  Not sure what to do I followed at a distance to see where he took her.  It was easy to follow because the girl could barely walk and she left a very easy trail to follow.  They lead me to a cave that was very close to my house.  I saw him drag the girl in and he tied the rope to an outcropping.  Then he looked at her grunted and left.  Now was my chance!  I quietly snuck into the cave and went up to the girl.  She wasn’t moving! I thought, Oh God she is dead!  I then saw her eyes flutter open.  Raising my fingers to my lips I left her know to be quiet.  As she nodded I went over to untie the rope.


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