Strip Poker, Aria bares all at a house party part one

I love playing poker. I’m the queen at Texas hold-em, and I make grown men fall to their knees before me when I play. My weakness however… is five card draw. I never did like it, and so I put little to no effort in being any good at it. So this is where I have a story to tell… I lost a game to strip poker last week at a party… and it turned very naughty.

So now that the new school year has started, my social life has really gotten an upswing. Last week, a group of friends and I got together to have a little fun. Let loose, you know? One thing led to another, and someone suggested that we play some strip poker.

You know me… I’m always up for a little nudity! So of course I was up for it! I didn’t realize how big a mistake I had made until maybe the second round. I knew that five draw wasn’t my forte, but I was bad. My shoes, my socks, my tee shirt, and even my jean shorts all came off before someone else finally got the worst hand of the round!

It was only once I was sitting in nothing but my thing that one of the guys made me an offer. He said that if I lost the next round, that I could keep my panties on if I sucked his cock. I sat there, contemplating his offer, trying to avoid showing how aroused the thought made me. Which is really fucking hard when my nipples were on display!

I didn’t lose the next round, and strangely I was disappointed.

The thought of sucking the guy off in front of everyone was making me wet… I licked my lips and began eye fucking the guy all during the next round. I watched as the bulge in his jeans got bigger, and I began salivating at the thought of putting it in my mouth!

So I have a confession to make. I purposefully lost that round. The thought of blowing this hot guy in front of everyone was too much of a turn on to pass up! When the cards were revealed, I was practically already on my knees. I crawled under the table towards him, and made no ceremony out of unzipping his pants.

Watching his cock pop out of it’s restraints was like opening a present on Christmas morning. It was thick and throbbing, and there was just a single drop of precum leaking out of the tip. I looked up at him through my lashes and let my tongue work it’s magic, lapping up that bead and so much more.

I knew I had an audience, and I knew what I was doing was arousing the entire group. It’s just one of those things you can feel in the air. But my focus was on the man in front of me. His cock was pulsing for me, and I needed to take care of it now.

Did part one of my strip poker blog get you off? Well just wait until Sunday to hear the end! Or the audio is available for purchase so you can enjoy the story again and again!




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  1. Tabitha Little October 14, 2020 at 10:11 pm

    I love this…poker and blow job 😋❤️


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